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Allegation and Mixture

Allegation and Mixture, applied mathematics, class XII, CBSE. Only important aspects of this topic are discussed.

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Allegation and Mixture

Allegation meaning

Allegation means mixing two or more ingredients in some ratio.

The key points from this topic of applied mathematics are:

1. To find ratio in which 2 or more ingredient at the given prices must be mixed to produce a mixture at desired price

D – Dear price

mp – Mean price

C – Cheap price

2. For repeated dilution

To find the pure quantity of a liquid left after the ‘n’ number of repeated dilution, we use one formula.

If a vessel contains ‘x’s units of a liquid from which y units are taken out and replaced by water. After ‘n’ number of repeated dilution, the quantity of pure liquid :

in units.

Remember; ‘n’ is generally taken as +1, for example; if in the question it is written 2 more times, then we take n as 2+1 which is 3.

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