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Basic Questions on Applied Maths

In this post, you will find questions related to binary, decimals, arithmetic mean, calendar year, time and work, distance. At the end of this post, you can download the PDF of the question paper as well as the answer key.

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1. Convert the decimal number 53 to binary.  

Solution: For converting any decimal number to binary, we divide the given number by 2 and keep dividing until we are left with 1. As shown below:

2. Convert the binary number 110011101 to decimal. 

Solution: For converting the binary number 110011101, we expand this using 2 multiply with the given digit where 2 is given the power of the remaining digits, that is, total digits minus 1 and we repeat this until the power reaches 0. As shown below:

3. The average expenditure of a man for the first five months of a year is 5000/- for the next seven months it is 5400/-. If he saves 2300/- during the year, find his average monthly income. 

Solution: First we will find the total income. For this, we will apply the arithmetic mean formula for each average expenditure and calculate the total expenditure for the first 5 months, then for the next 7 months.

For calculating average income, we will divide the total income by the number of months in a year. As shown below:

4. On what day was the Christmas in 1995? 

Solution: Use zeller’s rule to calculate the odd days. As shown below:

5. A alone can complete a piece of work worth Rs 300 in 6 days, but by engaging an assistant B, the work is completed in 4 days. Find the share received by the assistant. 


6. A school boy travelling at 3km/hr, reaches his school 32 minutes late but if he travels at 5km/hr, he reaches his school 28 minutes early. Find the distance he travels every day to reach the school. 


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