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Logical Reasoning – Number Coding

In the number coding, the alphabets in a word are replaced by a certain number according to some rule. Remember there is no formula to get correct answers, only logic and practice can make you excel in logical reasoning. Let’s start Logical Reasoning – Number Coding.

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Alphabetical Tables

These 2 tables are very frequently used to solve problems involving words coding or even number coding.

Let’s discuss some questions based on these 2 tables.

Solved Questions

Q1. If ‘GOMTI’ is coded as 74521 and ‘YAMUNA’ is coded as 835963, then how is ‘GANGA’ coded?

Solution: In this question, we will refer table 1. We will confirm and match the number as per table 1 and as given in the question, to find the key.


See, we don’t need to solve it 100%. All we needed in question was a number coding for ‘GANGA’. Since each alphabet of the word ‘GANGA’ was already given a number in the question, we will just pick up the alphabets with their number code.

Q2. If ‘MIRINDA’ is coded as 151120111663 then how is ‘THUMSUP’ coded?

Solution: Let’s decode MIRINDA and check the logic.

Now, using the Table 1 only, we will code ‘THUMSUP’ with its actual position plus 2.

So, THUMSUP = 22102315212318

Q3. In a certain language ‘VIOLET’ is coded as 196129217. Decode 1215241142.


In the given question each alphabet of VIOLET is coded as the actual position of the alphabets minus 3. As shown below:

They are asking us to decode “12-15-24-11-4-2” Follow reverse order add 3 to find the actual word.

12+ 3= 15 – O

15+ 3 = 18 = R

24+ 3 = 27 or 1 as there are only 26 alphabets, so we will start from the beginning = A

11 + 3 = 14 = N

4 + 3 = 7 = G

2 + 3 = 5 = E

So, the word or the decode is O R A N G E.

You can also refer to my below video on the explanation of the number coding;

Thank You!

Test Yourself

  1. If ‘POOR’ is coded as 46 and ‘BLOWER’ is coded as 57 then how is ‘TOWER’ coded? (Answer. 18)
  2. If ‘PETER’ is coded as 64841, ‘SERVANT’ is coded as 5412478 and ‘MASTER’ is coded as 935841, then how is ‘PERMANENT’ coded? (Answer. 641937478)

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Happy Learning!

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