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Practice Test – Matrices and Determinants

Practice Test- Matrices and DeterminantsBut, first join my YouTube channelFacebook group for applied maths students, subscribe to this website, and get a monthly collated mailer.

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Solution: (b) a unit Maxtrix


(d) None of these.


(a) B

Solution: (a)

As shown in the previous question.

Solution: (c) A + B


(a) AB is non-singular

Solution: (c)

Solution: (a)

Solution: (c)

Solution: (c) 10

11. The solution set of the in equation |x+1| < 3 is______________

Solution: -3 < x + 1 < 3

-4 < x < 2

= { x: x belongs to Z and lies between -4 < x < 2}

= (-4, 2)


Solution: x + 3 -10 or x + 3 ≥ 10

x -13 or x ≥ 7

x belongs to (-∞, 13] U [7, ∞)

13. Solution of a linear inequality in variable x is represented on the number line as shown in Fig. 6.36. The solution can also be described as

Solution. As we can see from the number line, there is an open interval on 9/2 and it is extended towards infinity. So the answer is an option (a) x belongs to (9/2, infinity)

14. The shaded part of the number line in Fig. 6.37 can also be represented as

Solution: Option (d) x belongs to (5,infinity)


Solution: In this case, there exists an open interval on 1 and on 2. So, the correct option that holds true is (a) because x could either belongs to -infinity, 1 or 2 and infinity.




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