Posted by Anjali Kaur on May 04, 2022

How to apply for a Child care subsidy?

A lot of pain and research is required when you come to Canada on PR. Most of us are still not aware of multiple benefits, as Government doesn’t highlight it in advertisements or newspapers. It’s all about keeping your eyes and ears wide open. I struggled a lot to get this information and now I am going to share “How to apply for a child care subsidy?” with all of you. It’s our right, so let’s spread information and help each other. In the end, that’s what matters.

Step No 1

Go to the My Family services site and Register for basic BCEid. You will see a page like this when you click on the register:

After creating your account with basic details. You will log into the My family services site.

Step No 2

Find daycare and get your child admitted into that. Why? Because you need the daycare details to apply for the childcare subsidy.

Any licensed daycare is registered and they will give a subsidy form, of which you can take a picture as you need those details to create your profile in My family services.

Step No 3

Parents’ information is required to avail of the subsidy.

So, the profile which you will try to create will have questions like your job, its timings, on which days you work for how many days you need child care, office name, address, contact, email. They will ask the same questions to spouses. Only 1 profile per family is to be created. And keep your username and password safe.

Complete your profile. You will get a Case number for your profile.

Step No 4

Eligibility Calculator. You will use this calculator which will show in your profile. In this calculator, you will write your and your spouse’s last year’s income (INR) converted into Canadian income (CAD). For example, I came to Canada in 2022, so under this calculator, I will use my last year’s Indian income converted into Canadian income. So, INR 60 is like a 1 CAD.

Step No 5

The most important and the final step. Fill out form CF2933, It’s a 3-page form and it defines your subsidy. Not your current income, but the previous year’s income is what they are looking for.

You will fill 2 separate forms for yourself and your spouse with the details of the Indian income converted into Canadian currency.

That’s it and you can just pray for the things to process faster.

For any questions and concerns, you can contact me on my new website.

Thank You!

Happy learning!

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