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How to solve national income basic conversion numerically?

We have seen the meaning of national income, some basic formulas, circular flow of income, stock and flow concept, and some more. Now, as per the request of some of my students on national income basic conversion accounting questions. I will be discussing one assignment today. You must try to solve it on your own, or else you directly refer to solutions. Let’s discuss this.

Formulas to be used

Assignment: On National income basic conversion

  1. GDPmp = 2000, NIT= 200, NFIA =20, Depreciation=100. Find NNPfc.
  2. GDPmp=1000, NIT=200, NFIA=20, Depreciation =100. Find NNPmp.
  3. NNPmp=1500, NIT=150, NFIA=10, Consumption of Fixed Capital =100. Find GNfc.
  4. GDPmp=1000, NIT=10, Depreciation= 50, NFIA =200. Find NNPfc.
  5. GNPfc= 900, NIT=100, Depreciation= 50, NFIA=200. Find NDPmp.
  6. NDPfc= Rs. 2000, Depreciation = Rs. 200, Indirect Taxes = Rs. 50, Subsidies = Rs. 10, NFIA = -100. Find GDPmp.
  7. GNPfc = Rs. 3000, Consumption of Fixed Capital = Rs. 100, Indirect Taxes = Rs. 200, NFIA = -200. Find NDPmp.
  8. GNPfc= 1000, NIT= 100, NFIA= 50, Depreciation = 70. Find NDPmp

Solutions to the above problems:

I hope this was helpful.

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