Posted by Anjali Kaur on Jul 01, 2022

How To Take A Distinctly Average Employee And Make Them Spectacular

When bosses take on an average employee, they usually just resign themselves, throw up their hands, and say “it’s just a fact of life.” But is that really true? If you hire someone who is mediocre, is there really nothing you can do to develop them? Are you stuck with a defunct employee and the difficult decision to replace them?

Well, maybe not, according to It turns out that many average employees can become great as long as you implement the right leadership skills. But what exactly should you be doing to mold them into the incredible team members you know they can be? Let’s take a look. 

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Start With What Motivates Them

The vast majority of people can do great things with sufficient motivation. It’s just a matter of finding it. Without that motivation, it’s just not possible to do great work. People want to feel like their lives have real meaning and they are doing something that is worthwhile in and of itself. 

If, as a manager, you can tap into this phenomenon among your employees, you’re off to a good start. They’ll immediately respect you and, if you’re lucky, start deriving joy from their work. Once it becomes “play” in the traditional sense of the word, their value and productivity will shoot to the moon. 

Train Them 

Sometimes, as sites like make clear, the problem isn’t one of attitude, but of training. When employees don’t learn the shortcuts discovered by others, they have to work them out by themselves. And, as you might imagine, that can take a heck of a long time. 

When you train them, though, you iron out their knowledge bottlenecks and give them the skills they need to do the job properly. Productivity benefits might seem slow at first, but after several years, they’ll grow considerably. 

Get Them To Take More Breaks

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For other employees, the problem isn’t a matter of attitude or training, it’s stress. When people are in fight-or-flight mode, they can’t think clearly. They get themselves worked up in all kinds of mental knots, making it much more difficult for them to push through and actually complete projects. 

The good news is that you can push back against this by offering regular breaks. Let employees take time out, unwind, and get some exercise so that they are ready to get back into the fray as soon as possible. Actually taking time off work can improve productivity over the course of the day, even if employees spend less time working. 

Build A Better Working Environment

For other employees, the issue isn’t their skills or motivation, but the people around them. They are talented but don’t want to push themselves because the rest of the team is letting them down. 

This is probably the most challenging problem to deal with because it is systemic within companies. However, you can look at ways of overhauling your team and imposing new communication standards. Small short-term changes in how people interact with each other can lead to long-run benefits.

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