Posted by Anjali Kaur on Jul 07, 2022

Which is the best Institute for IELTS?

The best institute for IELTS is self-study. No institute can teach you anything special that you can’t find on google. I have been through the IELTS institute and I have seen what they do.

All they do is take a printout of 8 band essays or 9 band essays and explain the same to you.

You can also search and take the print and read it yourself.

For listing and reading tests, again it’s self-practice only. Get print out and spend time alone. Even IELTS institute also does that only, they will give you 2/3 hours sitting alone in a room and will provide you the answer key to calculate your marks. All of this information is easily available on google.

For the speaking test, search on YouTube and practice in front of the mirror.

Some links for your reference:

Good luck for your preparation.

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