Posted by Anjali Kaur on Jun 16, 2020

10 things I learned from my 50 blog posts.

I have been writing this blog for the past 50 days, so I would like to share my experience for those who want to start blogging or don’t even know what is blogging. To be honest, I was not aware of the meaning of the blog. Even now, I will say its a little blur. So, let me share my experience so far. 10 things I learned from my 50 blog posts.

What is Blogging?

For me, I think it is writing about the area of interest. The things which you feel you are excellent in and can spread awareness about the same to everyone. I choose my strength which is economics and applied maths. And I am still learning about blogging.

What is it feels like to start writing and going live?

In the beginning, it feels like you are shooting arrows in the dark. But, gradually with time, you learn about new software. For example, I am using Grammarly to correct my grammar in the posts.

How to reach the audience?

Well, remember one thing, do not force anyone to visit your blog. Just write quality material, and use social media to promote your blog subtly. For example, I share my blogs on Economics related groups on Facebook. Or you can use ‘Quora’ to answer some questions and add the relevant link to that post.

How to read the traffic on your blog?

Go for google analytics, it will show you how many people visited your posts and how much time they spend on your posts. It also shows organic search, referrals, location of the users which makes you excited that other countries people are reading your material.

How to handle criticism?

Ignore those people who keep asking what’s the use, or you are wasting your time on blogging, remember, you are doing this for yourself. Stick to it and be consistent, success will follow.

What should be the focus on your blog?

Well, I only focus on the niche market, which is primarily economics. Find your interest use your strength, whether it’s cooking, fitness, shopping, and start blogging.

Where to get the images for your blogs?

Many websites offer free pictures like or use them as your feature image but don’t forget to give them credit at the end of your blog post. I always give credit for the pictures used at the end of my blog post.

What about earning via blog?

At times, it is important to ignore such ideas of earning through advertising and all. The first focus is to create your goodwill by sharing quality content. Wait for the right moment. As I mentioned, don’t follow success, share quality content, and be consistent.

What do I like about blogging?

I love the flexibility of timings or content. I am free to write on the topics of my interest. And in this place, I am the boss. So, you are not working under someone’s pressure or meeting the deadlines.

What is the major change I saw in myself, in the first 50 days of my blogging experience?

I started purely as a fresher check my first blog post and now I feel more confident while writing. Over time, you become comfortable to write about anything. You can compare my first blog post with my 50th Blog post, which is this one. I hope you find some improvement from the 10 things I learned from my 50 blog posts. Thanks!

In case you have some questions regarding blogging, feel free to ask me. I will try my best to answer your queries. Email me at

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