Posted by Anjali Kaur on Mar 25, 2021

4 Things You Should Learn From A Child

Those who know me, are aware that I have a daughter who is just 1.5 years old. So young and innocent. Looking at her tiny and heart-melting gestures, inspired me to write what things you should learn from a child. Let’s see what 4 things you should learn from a child. Of course, there are many, feel free to add them to your list.

1. Never hold a grudge

It will be unrealistic if I say that being a mother never annoys me. Well, we are humans, we have a range of emotions. So, yes I get annoyed at her sometimes. I do raise my voice on her with anger, but the amazing thing about a child is, they never ever hold a grudge. Yesterday only, she fell while walking, partially it was my mistake. But even while crying she came to me only. They have such a pure heart, that even if their parents scold them. They come to their arms and cry.

Isn’t it amazing? Now think from an adult’s point of view. Holding a grudge has become a fashion. And these grudges are not even temporary. They remember about that 1 particular incident over 1000’s the great incident. And not only that, they will make sure that they haven’t forgotten what you have done.

It feels scary to be a part of such a world. But what can be done? Nobody is perfect, everyone has haters as well as supporters. Just make sure your supporters are more than your haters and you are sorted.

Also, declutter your mind from holding grudges. Just like a computer hard disk, you need to empty space to add positive moments into your mind.

So be forgetful, of what some1 did to you? Move on, life is too short to hold grudges. In fact, laugh about that incident so it becomes memorable in a positive manner. Watch “Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara”

2. Live in a moment

Children do not care what will happen in the future, they didn’t even care or were aware of how the Corona pandemic hit the world.

They have their own philosophy, to live in this very moment. They enjoy life as if this is the only time they have. Why can’t we do the same? Well, the answer is straightforward, we are so much stuck worrying about our loan installments, house loans, kids’ education, medical expenses. Does worrying about these tasks, will make things easier? Or even discussing the same things, again and again, will make it disappear?

Well, the answer according to me is “No”. Then why are we spoiling our precious time, discussing faults in other people’s stars? Why can’t we be happy with ourselves? Why can’t we be happy with all the blessings, which we don’t even count and have taken for granted?

Be grateful, and live in a moment. This time is not going to come back.

3. Spread Happiness

My daughter can make me laugh at any time, by making any funny expression or by just smiling.

Smile, that’s the thing, smile as much as you can. Laugh as much as you can. Of course, you will feel relieved and the stress hormones will be released from your body. You will get all red, which means blood circulation will also increase. But make sure you laugh with the people, and not mock anyone.

Spread happiness wherever you can. You will definitely see a major change in your daily routine.

4. Never give up

Even if the child falls or stumbles 100’s of times, they never give up. They keep trying until they get what they want. Mother’s can actually correlate with what I am trying to say. When our child learns crawling for the first time, then gradually taking their first step, to running, and so on. Have the attitude, to never give up on people or while acquiring any skill.

Be humble, I know you don’t excel on any skill overnight. But being consistent and discipline will definitely lead you towards success.

Thank You!

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