Posted by Anjali Kaur on Apr 21, 2021

5 Things you should not Think about

See, when a person realizes its potential after achieving discipline in their lives. There are many naysayers, negative people, jealousy around that person. The only thing, 1 who has found its purpose in life should do, is not to think about them. You are in this world for a purpose, not to impress your society but to realize your own self, to bring peace with your own self. Just have faith and God will always be there for you. Let’s put some light on the 5 things you should not think about ever.

What will people say?

Who cares, are you doing something that can put you behind the bars? No. Then go ahead, you following the law and the society guidelines then be happy, be confident. More than 90% of the people on this planet, waste their desires thinking about what will others say or they are looking at me. Please, you get only 1 life, so do what pleases you, until it is legal.

When people try to argue?

You have to be mature enough to cut such conversation if you want to grow and maintain peace in your life. Personally, I have been put down by many people, they tried to show that they are holding so and so positions and are working for so many years, etc. I will just give you 1 piece of advice, do not argue. It is easy to lose temperament, but you have to remain calm. You are not going to waste even a single word from your mouth for disrespectful people, as it will downgrade your personality. Be quiet, let some things be handle by the time.

When people get jealous?

So common, especially faced by females. No 2 girls can be happy together if they are not equal. Females have a tendency to get jealous easily, and it is reflected in the way they speak to you or through their reactions. Just ignore them, why would you spoil your mood for low-standard people. Fortunately, I don’t have the jealous factor in me. But I do have the capability to sense it around my surroundings. I believe in uplifting others because God wanted us to spread humanity not jealousy.

Hiding your potential just to fit in

No, never, you will not hide behind the curtains just to be accepted socially. Better be a loner, then a loser. I personally have a small group of friends, who actually know the real me, and rest assured I am a motivator kinda person. I will always motivate you or anyone to do better and to grow in life. Such kinda persons are lesser in our society. So, be a motivator, not an excuse teller.


Now, what’s that? Have you seen kids, telling on each other? Yeah, when they complaint about each other to their parents. Well, I have left that boat, a very long time ago. I have grown up and I don’t highlight people’s mistakes. Let it be, if they don’t wanna learn. Its okay, but stop behaving like a child. Who goes to their boss to complaint about such trivial issues? I am a solution finder not a problem chatter. Be a person, who gets answers, not a person who just whines and put others down in front of their bosses. Don’t be a teller, it is such a degraded trait to possess.

There are so many more things to be added to this list. But as for you, please start focussing on yourself, it’s only you who can help yourself. Nobody else can do, what you can do for yourself. Love yourself, love your family, love your work, just love whatever you do and put in 100% effort. You will see a drastic change in yourself if you start loving the things you do. Do not indulge in impressing anyone, you want to show skill, show it, but for yourself and not to impress anyone. Do work on yourself, not to please others.

Thank You!

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