Posted by Anjali Kaur on Apr 25, 2021

6 Things you should do before it’s too late

See, holding grudges, has never helped anyone to date. Or even having a false image about someone in your mind is also not going to help. I don’t understand, why people are becoming so coward these days to talk over the phone. They will fight you over WhatsApp or Facebook, but they have stopped calling you or meeting you. Where is this world headed? Let’s see the 6 things you should do before it’s too late.

Stop Assuming

This is the most common and irrelevant trait possessed by most people. If someone’s looking happy over a picture on social media, then that person is definitely better off than me or that person got some attitude issues. Did you talk to that person? Do you need their help? Do you want to connect with them? Then do it. What are you waiting for? How is it going to hurt your ego? Is there any tax, which will be imposed on you, if you talk to that person? Well, the answer is no. So, stop assuming. Nobody is a mind reader.

Family Grudges

So common, but the fact that it gets lingered on is sad. Even brothers, sisters hold grudges against each other and they make sure it gets dragged on until eternity. Keeping a so-called Watsapp group, just to type and leave messages is of no use. Call them; I know they don’t pick up your call. But you are doing your bit. Why would you carry such a burden in your heart, that you could have done something about it? I will recommend, do your part. Call them, drop them a message to connect. Rest assured, you are being more humane than anybody else.

Start Forgiving

Expecting someone else to forgive you is a mistake. Step ahead, forgive them for whatever wrong they have done with you. You have already surpassed them when you forgive each one of those people who hurt you ever. Say these wordings in your mind: “I have forgiven, each one of them. I will talk to them, whenever they want to talk to me or even if I want to talk to them I will always be happy in their happiness” This sentence, in itself will free you. You will get enough storage in your mind to do something better and save a happy memory of them with you.


Sometimes, when the other person is angry with you, it is considered best that you accept your mistake. Or let the person tell you why they are angry with you? Because this way, you know that had their reasons to be annoyed with you. Accept your mistake, apologies. At present, people are becoming so aggressive and self-centered they don’t even have that word in their dictionary anymore. It’s easy, be a bigger person. Say that “I apologize for my mistake, and I am sorry it won’t happen again”. It’s doable, at least I am not telling you to jump from a cliff. Those are the words, that should come out of your mouth, more often than expected.

Save the relationships

I believe you can either be a gel or jello. Gel means, a person who will stick around, no matter what, whereas jello means a person will always be jealous of you, thinking that you are better than them. Be a gel, appreciate others, let it be. What is it going to harm? If they think they are superior or more humble or grounded then you are. Then let it be, boost them up, yes you are right. They will be happy thinking, they won. But the ultimate winner is you because you didn’t lose your calm. Save the relationships by being a gel. Connect them together always.

Type Close Ended

It is very easy to make other people furious by typing irrelevant stuff on Watsapp, resist the temptation to fight. It’s not easy, trust me. But if you could, keep typing to close-ended like okay, yes you are right, sending a polite smiley emoji. Then the other person doesn’t find the words to humiliate you further. Tried and tested. Do it, because they actually try to provoke you by using some particular words in fancy English. Be calm, be silent, be close-ended because it will save you millions of tears, and many days of peace.

I indirectly try to convince you all, but these 6 things you should do before it’s too late. We only get 1 life, be accepting, be a gel, save those relationships, be close-ended, start forgiving, stop holding grudges. You will see a drastic change in your personality. Be different from the herd of sheep!

Thank You!

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