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7 things that we can control in our life

There are many other things that can be controlled, but let’s talk about the 7 things that can help you achieve anything in life. 7 things that we can control in our life. Remember, only losers say never, winners do not even have that word in their vocabulary.

1. Time Management

Every single person gets the same 24 hours each day every day to spend as per their will. But only a handful of them knows to manage the time efficiently, only some of them can actually prioritize their day by making the most important tasks segregated or separated from the trivial ones. It is our time, so allocating it appropriately for the desired tasks is the key to achieve the maximum output.

For example, the initial morning hours of our day should be spent on ourselves, we must take care of our overall health. It includes exercising, reading, and meditation. These are the most important pillars which are neglected by more than 90% of our population.

2. Habits

Habits vary from person to person. Some people like to spend time with themselves to grow whereas other people just waste their crucial time by gossiping and discussing other people. There are 2 kinds of personalities: ‘Lion’ and ‘Sheep’. Anyone can be a sheep, it takes courage to be a lion. Be different from the rest, the world needs more lions who can lead.

Lion will always have a clear direction, focus, determination. Whereas, ‘Sheep’ will always have a blurry direction, no focus, lack of determination as well as the will to grow. Lion has a better sense of prediction than sheep.

It is up to you, what you want to become. It gets framed automatically by your habits.

Try to be a lion, be the one who can inspire and motivate others. Be the light.

3. Discipline

Discipline is the most difficult aspect to control. Only a few can master the art of being in discipline even when the going gets tough. Half of the people just give up, if something doesn’t go according to their will. Now, you have to decide whether you lead your day or the circumstances that lead you. Be discipline even if nobody is there to encourage you, to pull you up when you fall. You are your best judge, you are your best friend. You need to push harder even if things are not smooth.

Remember, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”. It is the hardships that define your character and decide your strength.

4. Healthy eating habits

Your body is made up of blood, water, fat, proteins, etc. What you put inside your body, becomes a part of you only. If you eat junk food, your body will reflect that with a lousy day and a lazy feeling afterward. If you eat fruits, vegetables, your body will reflect that with an active day and energized feeling. Try experimenting with these 2 kinds of personalities. You will see a major difference in your thinking as well.

5. Dress or how can carry yourself

This question and its answer will vary from person to person. Some people like getting dressed because they feel more confident if they are dressed well. Some people do not like to dress or put in any kind of effort because they feel conscious about themselves. Dress, the way you like it. Until you feel confident and happy, that’s all it matters. Do not let others’ comments degrade your personality. Those who comment are the ones, who can not do it themselves and feel ashamed.

6. Behavior

Behavior plays a major role in your growth as a person and as a human being. Some people are just pretentious, they will never help or even tolerate anybody else to grow. They will keep pulling others down with them to drown because they are too scared to adapt to the change. They feel they lose their honor, their leadership if those who are under them grow and become better. It’s the behavior that reflects whether you are a team player or a selfish person. Never stop your peers, friends, colleagues, boss, etc to grow. Encourage them and appreciate them for their achievement. They will always remember you.

7. Shine

Every person has their own light, their own spark. Let them shine. Accept them, do not put the people down, who are willing to lift everyone up.

Most people in this world are jealous of other’s achievements and their thinking. They will always try to remove that spark because they can’t tolerate the light – they have been living in the dark for too long.

Never let such a person, harm you. Ignorance is bliss, in such a case. You are the light that can ignite. You can bring the change by being the change. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t. You know your limits, you know what you are willing to give up to achieve your dream. Nobody else knows your strength, so never let anyone put you down. Be the phoenix that rises from the ashes.

Thank You!

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