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7 Things to do to Control your Emotions

Emotions are like sea waves, they come and go. Sometimes they remain static as if there is no breeze in the ocean. But deep down, the ocean knows that it is just a phase, it will pass and my waves and I will be alive once again. But it is sometimes mandatory to control your emotions, not everyone deserves to know all sides of you. So for that time period, 7 things to do to control your emotions.

Sometimes I feel

Sometimes I feel like I am drowning,
Sometimes I feel like I am swimming
Sometimes I feel like I am fading,
Sometimes I feel like I am glowing
Sometimes I feel like I am losing,
Sometimes I feel like I am winning
Sometimes I feel like I am nobody,
Sometimes I feel like I am everybody

Those are all my emotions,

Sometimes I feel like I am controlling
Sometimes I feel like I am scattering

Sometimes I feel like it’s all in my head
Sometimes I feel like it’s everywhere

I wanna be found, I wanna be lost
But I never wanna be a shadow

No matter what, I know you are always there for me, lecturing me in my ears 👂😂

Dedicated to my one and only, husband, partner, friend, lover, counselor, guide, teacher, and everything – Jasraj Singh Suri!

1. Ignore

When you feel that a long uncontrollable wave is about to come that can destroy your inner peace, then the best way is to find the cause of that, and ignore that. It could be as simple as a phone call, work call, WhatsApp message, anything, just ignore it. Do not blast your precious energy.

2. Music

When you feel you are tired and exhausted and you feel like you are fading. Tune in to some music, no lyrics required just some smooth jazz at times helps. Try it, I personally find it effective to calm my mind.

3. Switch off

Go to airplane mode, if the need arises. Go offline, if the need arises. Who is stopping you? Don’t be scared, you are not going to miss anything if you switch off your mobile and take a nap for 2-3 or many more hours. Sometimes, sleeping on the though bring back the surfing waves, that is, happy waves in your life.

4. Reading

Trust me, reading helps a lot. Go scroll through some good self-development books. My personal favorite is Robin Sharma’s collection. But make sure you leave the electrical gadgets aside and keep your glasses on if you wear the one.

5. Go Mum

Be quiet, if you can’t say something right or nice. It helps if you keep yourself, mum, sometimes. It saves lots of healthy relationships and lets the time pass. Let. the day pass, you will get enough break, and then you can resume your regular routine like always.

6. Go out

When I say out, I mean to explore nature. Go sit in a park on a bench, and look at those squirrels running and climbing the trees or look at that butterfly, can you spot some sparrows who are roaming in a group? You can also simply lie down and look at the sky, you will find that clouds are moving slowly.

7. Talk

Talk to your mother, father, sister, etc. Anyone that you find, who is not going to judge you or will definitely provide a listening ear where you can just blatter out whatever you wanna say. If you get their support well and well, even if not, you might learn a new perspective.

Never ever lose hope, there is always someone for whom you are extremely important. Be yourself, don’t ever become a shadow. Your existence matters, you matter!

Thank You!

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