Posted by Anjali Kaur on Mar 23, 2021

7 things you should never say at your workplace

Turning 32 made me realized that sometimes it is better to be quiet even if you are right. Let’s see what I prefer to remain quiet about even though there is no logic behind it. Sometimes for the peace of your mind, you have to remain quiet. 7 things you should never say at your workplace. Do you want to change the world? Then change your style of work. Do not work for others, work for yourself first. Success will find you one day.

Just wait for that 1 day, but put in your consistent efforts to reach that 1 day.

Tip 1: Never argue with seniors – Boss is always right

I know, it is hard to digest the fact. But somehow people relate their importance in the organization on the basis of the number of years they spend at 1 place rather than the number of skills, qualifications, caliber, talent, sensibility, contributions, willingness to put in 100% effort, etc. of any younger employee.

Although it is said, that parents should never kill their child’s productivity by forcing them to follow the same existing norms.

But this stereotype is followed in most organizations. First, they hire you, but when you become creative, your peers try to pull you down.

Better be mum, never argue with seniors, even in this modern organization people sees how many years you stick to the same organization than, what value you are adding to it.

Tip 2: Never disappoint them – Boost their ego

Even if your boss never praises you or promotes you. You still owe them, praise them even if they don’t deserve it. They will say, you are here because of me. Accept it, else their ego gets hurt. Never hurt them.

They will boycott you otherwise. As I mentioned, sheep will follow the sheep. If you want to be a lion then choose a different herd.

Tip 3: Never disrespect anyone

When you start shining, or when people see the spark in you. Your close acquaintances will be the ones to be jealous of you. Trust me they will try the extreme level to make you feel guilty.

They will try to replace your position and follow cheap tactics.

Do not lower your standards to please them. Just be respectful.

Tip 4: Never talk about bringing a change

Most people will not like it and you will be stuck. Even if the change will be beneficial for their upliftment, but since most old employees are habitual of handling least amount of workload. They are not going to put in efforts to change themselves or anything around them.

Be quiet.

Tip 5: Never share your personal problems

Half of the employees do not care about your personal problems, and the other half enjoys that you are facing the same.

Your personal problems are your own, do not let any outsider be a part of it. Accept it, today they are consoling and laughing with you. The very next day, they will be mocking and discussing you among a huge gathering.

Better shut yourself at your workplace. Do not show your cards on the table.

Tip 6: Never say that you know it

Most people will become rebellious if they come to know, that the juniors are better than their seniors. Your boss will never accept it, even if they know the reality.

Have faith in God, every one sees the effort. Do great for yourself, but do not disclose that you know how to do it? Be like a dark horse.

Tip 7: Never be idle

Keep yourself immersed in the work, so that no one pays attention to you. Let them think that you are dumb, or incapable. In fact, work in silence, let your success roar in the world and not among a small pond of fish. Where you never know, how long you are gonna survive in suffocation.

Be different, be smart, be clever, but never says above things.

Thank You!

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