Posted by Anjali Kaur on Mar 22, 2021

7 Tips to become proactive in life

A few days back I was talking with my husband about motivational speeches and books. While talking to him, he gave me an insight that actually inspired me to write this post. He said, these motivational speeches and books do tell us what is to be done, but they never talk about “How it is to be done?”. He actually asked me, what tip I can give him to be more productive. All this lead me towards the topic of today: 7 Tips to become proactive in life.

Tip 1: Sleep in activewear

From my personal experience, I have felt more motivated to workout when I sleep in my gym attire. Most people find it to be uncomfortable, but my body has adapted to this change easily. If you talk about feeling hot at night with gym attire, well I feel really cold all the time. Even in the hot months of summer, I prefer taking a blanket. It is an advantage for me. But you can try this, it really works for me.

Tip 2: Water bottle

Do not keep just a glass of water near your bedside. Keep a full water bottle near your bed. As soon as you wake up, drink as much water as you can. Initially, it might be tough, but it cleanses your body toxins and you feel refreshed instantly. Gradually you will also find a glow on your face, and a reduction of pimples, in case you suffer from these problems.

Tip 3: Sport shoes with socks

Now, once you get up from your bed, do not wear your relaxed slippers, they make you slow. Try wearing your socks and then sports shoes, even before you hit the washroom. This provides you an extra boost of energy and the strength to get up. Moreover, you will think twice to remove the shoes, because somehow our mind feels like it is a huge task. So no chance of getting back to the bed.

Tip 4: Black coffee

After you freshen up in the morning, just go to the kitchen and make yourself some black coffee, or you can even try an expresso shot. This is the ultimate tip to remain awake for the next 4-6 hours. Once the caffeine hits your mind, you become active and start thinking clearly.

Tip 5: Eat any fruit

Be it banana, apple, pear, etc. Eat any fruit if you intend to hit the gym or go out running. The fruit will fuel your body to burn extra calories during your workout session.

Tip 6: Do not wait

Do not wait for any company to start your day or do not commit to waking up anyone else. It actually wastes your time and other persons sleep. Everyone is capable to wake up on their own. This morning hour is your, so focus on yourself first.

Tip 7: Go out

Since you have accomplished the goal to be proactive in life. Go out in nature, enjoy the morning fresh air, it clears your mind and gives you so much positivity. Listening to the early morning bird hymns in the park, is really effective for the start of the wonderful day ahead.

Thank You!

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