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9 Things that make you stand out from the rest

Being observant and a careful listener. I have met a variety of people in my life. Those who know even a little about me, I was born in Delhi, I have been to Bangalore for my ICICI Bank training, been to Mumbai, and now I am happily married and settled in Chandigarh. From my past 9 years of experience in banks, coaching, professorship, teaching, and god knows what. I have been able to make friends with different types of personalities. I describe myself as an introvert when it comes to social gatherings because I find it hard to mingle with others. I don’t praise until I mean it, I can’t butter up unless they deserve it. Being straightforward has actually hampered many of my relationships. So, it moved me to write 9 things that make you stand out from the rest. Let’s check out what are my thoughts.

1. Accept Criticism

I know, that people find it hard to digest their negative traits of themselves. Even I used to find it very hard to hear the truth about myself. But, now it is different. I have started accepting my flaws. In any case, who is perfect in this world? I believe nobody. Everyone has a dark side of themselves. Some people love to talk about themselves, some people love to talk about their miseries, some likes to drink, some likes to flirt, some are self-obsessed, some are arrogant, some are annoying, some are short-tempered (like me), and so on.

But why don’t we accept it? I have accepted that I do get angry or annoyed even for no big reason. I can’t help it, but yes I have accepted this fact. So when someone points out this flaw, I start agreeing with that person. I say, Yes, You are right, I have this negative trait and I can not help it. I am sorry for that.

It’s easy, start accepting the positives as well as the negatives about yourself. The confidence you get, when you do the self-analysis is unbeatable. Go ahead, accept your flaws!

2. Let the people talk

Whenever you will do something, which is different from the rest. Be ready to hear the hate speech about you. I hear it often, people talk behind my back. So what? How is it going to affect me? Let the people talk, be blessed that you are in limelight. They spend minutes, and hours, discussing your blessings or your arrogance or your positives, or what is wrong with you, etc. Let it be, but do not change your personality by ignoring them. Be what you are, and help them when they ask you. Greet them, because it is a part of etiquettes. Do not degrade yourself, just because people talk.

3. Appreciate others

Every single person on this earth craves appreciation of their work or efforts. Be a genuine well-wisher, if they deserve the appreciation then do the needful. Trust me, they feel really nice that someone observes them and recognizes their efforts.

Most people do not appreciate others because of their personal ego problems or the jealousy factor. If you wanna stand out from the rest. Even if you do not like that person, but that person is worthy of some appreciation then do it. Nobody is going to tax you on that. I do that often, but be genuine in your appreciation. Do not criticize, just uplift them if required.

4. Talk less, do more

Remember, action speaks louder than words. Do more work in silence and peace, when no1 is watching. Let the result of your hard work be vocal in the world. Let your efforts speak for themselves. Don’t just do the mind mapping or fake promises. Be a gem among the stones. Be committed and if you can not keep up the commitment, then do not raise false hopes of the other person. Better shatter them now, than just drag them forever.

5. Be realistic

I always set, minor goals for myself. I know what I can achieve in 24 hours, knowing that I am working, I am a mother, and I play so many other roles on a daily basis. I keep it to the minimum. I can’t promise, what I can not deliver.

So, set realistic goals for yourself. For example, no1 can shed 10 kg in a day. There is a process and time involved to reach such a goal. So set a minor realistic goal, read 1-2 pages of a book, no1 can read a full book in a day. But step by step, the book can be read.

6. Never back down

It is always challenging to start something. Of course, you will face thousands of hiccups, you will find many excuses to not pursue your dreams. But you only have 1 reason to work on your dreams. Every morning I say to myself, “Nobody else, is going to do for me, what I can do for myself”.

This line plays in my mind, every single morning, which makes me wake up and start working on my dreams.

7. Apologize

Yes, apologize whenever you are wrong or whenever you hurt someone. It is not easy, but once you accept that you need to apologize to make someone feel better. Then you should. 1 more thing, try apologizing in public, not personally. Why are you ashamed to apologize in public? What will happen? It is all in your head. Bending down doesn’t mean your standard is lowered. In fact, you become a bigger person in the eyes of others. They start respecting you more because you have accepted your mistakes. So, start apologizing, and earn your respect.

8. Never Argue

I don’t believe in arguing. Just accept the fact, or listen to the person. Do not argue, when there is nothing to discuss. Try owning it that if you are wrong or your method was wrong, you will accept it. Be honest, the other person will run out of words, if you start owning your mistakes. As I mentioned, nobody is perfect in this world. But you can rise above the rest, by not wasting your time in arguments.

9. Focus

While working or enjoying or playing with your kids, you need to focus on the present. Just like the portrait mode on your mobile phone. Focus on the closer version of you, and blurs the rest of the surrounding. You need to keep your portrait version on, whenever you are working or doing something fruitful.

Thank You!

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