Posted by Anjali Kaur on Sep 26, 2020
Blogging for 150 days non-stop

Blogging for 150 days non-stop

Hi There!

Today is my 150th day of blogging continuously. Frankly, Blogging for 150 days non-stop, is not an easy journey. Once you start writing, you write according to your will. But once you start observing what the readers want. You write according to their will.


Its been 150 days, and I have 150 posts on my website so congratulations to me and my readers for such a positive response that I am not willing to give up on writing.

Challenges I Faced

By the 150th post, my eyesight became weak, so now I have weaker eyesight than before and I also faced cervical issues temporarily. But guess what, I switched contact lenses once again and I overcame my neck issues by exercising daily focus on the neck. What I am trying to say is, that obstacles are a part of life that doesn’t mean you will give up on your dreams.

It’s in fact encouraging to have some obstacles so that you feel triumph when you overcome such issues.

Next Plan of Action

My current goal, for now, is to produce videos and to publish an ebook on my favorite subject Economics. I am already learning about how to make an e-book and I will surely notify my readers about the same.

After blogging continuously for 150 days, it feels like I don’t want to stop. It has become my passion now, and now I have students across the world who are looking forward to my posts. They are the ones who are suggesting the topics and I have started researching on their doubts and creating content more than ever.

At Present

This time I really don’t want to write about the tools of blogging and what extra skills I learned but yes I actually learned more things about digital marketing, I am currently doing an e-course on Udemi for that.

Although I am looking forward to any questions that you want to ask me regarding blogging. Feel free to drop me a message.

Happy Reading!

Ta- Ta!

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