Posted by Anjali Kaur on Jan 26, 2022
The IELTS 8 7 7 7

From India to Canada-IELTS a Struggle

This is my story, my experience, and the struggle which I faced and am facing through my journey from India to Canada-IELTS a Struggle. See, life is not as easy as it seems on social media and on what is being portrayed. So, I believe in showing reality whether good or bad. But true picture reflection is the goal here!

How it started?

This all started in 2016, with a dream to get settled in Canada. And the step and path which I choose.

So, in order to get migrated to Canada, I first approached Sunrise International, Sector 9, Chandigarh.

That’s a cold people zone, overworked employees, and insensitive and bored from the same daily routine kind of people. All they did is asked us (Me and my husband) to appear for the IELTS exam and took 50000/- INR for applying our file to be placed in a pool.

Unaware about how it actually worked, we handed over the money with the following IELTS score: (Note this IELTS score was obtained after we took 1-month coaching from sector 34 IELTS coaching center and of course spent money over there as well)

That’s my husband IELTS score (Only his writing part is lacking)

This is my first attempt at the IELTS exam, Yes everything is poor 🙁

What it felt like?

The first attempt acted as a shock, as we need 8777 to even actually start dreaming about getting into Canada. My score was really not even close. So, I decided I will study on my own first. As my husband’s score was decent enough, it was only me who was supposed to put in more effort.

Now, I will be revealing my 2nd and 3rd attempts on IELTS with self-study:

This exam gave me a boost on self-study and you can see only my writing portion is bad.

This is another attempt in 2017, wherein I did a blunder in my listening test. I missed some audio and it costed me. I became nervous and it affected my writing part as well. The key to scoring well in the listening exam is to be really calm and focussed, which I was not.

That’s it. I was totally demotivated and I left my dream to move to Canada. Thinking I couldn’t do it.

What made me change my mind?

In 2019 August, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. After this biggest turn in my life, I decided again. I wanted her to have the best life and better living standard, free from pollution, corruption, and extremely unfair working conditions.

I decided to try IELTS once more, as my husband also kept nagging me that only 1 Exam is holding us back!

So, I decided to give in some more practice, with my baby and my regular school job.

I used to give in 4-6 hours dedicated enough and I used to appear for the exam and check and recheck my score and discuss the same with reasoning with my husband.

My husband supported me a lot, after coming back from his work. We used to spend 1 hour together to discuss my mistakes and to practice the writing part again and again by reading all the 9 band top answers. You can simply google the 9 band essays, it’s available easily.

This is my November attempt in 2019 ‘8 7 7 7’.

Yes, I did it!

I made it happen.

And that’s my husband’s attempt same day, 2019 ‘8 7 7 7’.

Yes, we did it.

No tuitions can help you achieve this. All you need is to spend some time alone with your laptop and internet connection.

Tips to crack IELTS General Training Exam

  1. Practice daily for 60 days non-stop 4 hours on IELTS GT exams.
  2. Register your test after 2 months of practice only, it involves money around 15k INR, so better be prepared to give this exam.
  3. Check your result using the following table and create an excel stating your attempt, Listening score, reading score, writing score and speaking score. In short, you must have practiced 60 tests before your final IELTS exam.
Listening Score Table
Reading Score Table

4. You can easily practice and find correct answers to the listening and reading section online.

5. For the writing section, please start writing it on paper for practice, and after your test check the 9 bank essays and letter writing. Again easily available on google search. For example,

6. For speaking practice, go to Youtube with 9 band speaking answers. For your practice, please record yourself giving answers on your mobile phone and listen to what answer you gave versus the 9 band answers given by others. For example;

The speaking practice given by Liz and other videos on Youtube will be a great help to you.

7. Location of the test, doesn’t matter, to be honest. I specially appeared for my second IELTS exam in Patiala and I am from Chandigarh. So it actually doesn’t make a difference. My last attempt was in Chandigarh only.

I wish you all the very best for your IELTS test. If you have any questions related to the IELTS exam, then you can leave your valuable comment.

In the upcoming posts, I will explain the further process after you get 8 7 7 7 in your IELTS exam.

I hope, this post gives you real insight and my real struggle of 4 years with the IELTS exam.

Thank You!

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Kapil Kapoor



Mam which book is best for ilets to prepare ?

Palak Garg

Hello ma’am
Can you please share the writing structure that you followed to attain 7 bands. I’m lacking in that module even after 4 months of continuous practice and hard work.

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