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From India to Canada-ITA as an FSW Express Entry

From India to Canada-ITA as an FSW Express Entry. So, after getting the ideal 8 7 7 7 in my IELTS exam. We as a family applied for Canada PR under Federal Skilled Worker using

How I applied for Canada PR?

I applied for Canada PR on my own(with my better half’s support). So I had around 4 years of teaching experience when I applied for my FSW file. They calculate on the basis of hours you work. For example, I worked 6 hours for 6 days a week, which means 36 hours in a week. Multiply the same with 4 to get monthly hours worked, which is 144. Then multiply the same with 12, you will get full years of hours worked. Note- holidays, summer holidays are counted as working hours, so please just do the simple math, to find out the hours you worked.

Age is a factor

I was 29 when I placed my file in the pool and my husband was 32. So, the younger you are, the better it is. You get additional points like 5 for applying.

Blood Relation Benefit

So, if you have any siblings, the real one. Who have already settled abroad, then you will get additional 5 points for the same. Doesn’t matter the kind of terms you have with him or her. Just while applying you have to declare that you have it. I got it, thanks to my brother.

How many points I had when I applied?

I had 475 points when I applied for the PR. I got my ITA, which is the short form of Invitation to apply on 10th December 2019.

You get this kind of message:

Also, this

What’s next?

Now, you get 60-90 days to complete your documentation and submit the same. Which includes scanned copies of the following for each family member:

  1. Passport
  2. Marriage certificate
  3. Your child’s birth proof
  4. Your work proof
  5. Your qualification proof
  6. Funds proof
  7. IELTS score
  8. Etc. depending upon the situation.

Get your qualifications verified

So, in order to submit your qualification proof. You need to get your transcripts from your universities, like Delhi University or IP University. They charge you and hand over you the sealed envelope of the transcripts.

These transcripts then need to be verified by ‘WORLD EDUCATION SERVICES’, you send them a courier of your transcripts and you make them pay online. Sorry, I don’t remember how much each of these charges is. But, 1 thing I can tell you, is ICICI card gets accepted for international payments.

This is the WES website, where you will create your account first and then follow the steps that they explain to you. The assessment by WES is valid for 5 years. (We got it done in 2016 and applied for the file in 2020)

You have to get an evaluation done by them.

Everything is done online only.

The whole process takes around 30-45 days. The final email you get from them is like this:

How to get siblings points

In order to get 5 points of your real sibling (note cousins are not considered, only blood relatives matter). You need the picture or scanned copy of their PR card and their passport. You might need their address proof as well, I got the rent deed of my brother where his name was mentioned.

What was my AOR?

I submitted all the required documents by 8th January 2020. So, my acknowledgment of receipt was 8th January 2020. I applied as an FSW in the express entry.

That’s all.

I hope it was helpful to all those who are planning to apply.

Good luck!

Do read my previous post on the IELTS struggle.

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