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From India to Canada-Long wait to all of a sudden

From India to Canada-Long wait to all of a sudden: When I submitted all my documents for immigration on 8 January 2020(which was my AOR). Then all you need to do is wait.

The medical request

On 26 December 2019, we got our medicals done because it is to be submitted along with other documents.

For medical you need to book an appointment with the max hospital, the appointments are booked over a call.

What to expect in medical?

All you need is passport 2 copies and 2 copies covid certificate. If you have any tattoo on your body they are going to charge extra for the same.

If you wear contact lenses, then wear your glasses on the day of medical.

Do not wear any jewellery, as you might have to remove it there.

You will change your clothings, with their surgical gown types. They have a changing room, where you can keep your clothes.

They will check your height, weight, basic vision test.

They will take your blood sample, urine sample.

They will also X ray your body.

They will take your photograph as well.

This whole process takes around 3 hours because there are many candidates.

You can pay them cash, paytm or via card.

Payment is done before they perform medicals.

After they take your signature, you are free to go.

Hospital send your medical report directly and you will get a sheet like this:

Similarly, my husband and my daughter also got it done.

Note:- My daughter was just 4 months. So, there is a separate pediatrician for them. They just do the basic check with them. No x rays, no blood test and no urine test. Only height and weight was done.

The biometric request

We got our biometric request on 24th January 2020 and we booked an appointment with VFS Global for 26th January 2020.

You can use this website for booking your appointment:

It is located at C313-315 3rd Floor, Elante, Industrial Area Phase 1,Chandigarh,India,160002.

You need to take the copy of the request from IRCC along with the appointment that you booked. Also passport is required.

In the biometrics, they take all your finger prints and give a slip. That’s it. For my daughter it was not done, she was just 5 months. This process takes just 30 minutes.

Medicals are valid for an year.

Biometric updation and validity

Biometric gets updated on its own in your IRCC account, in our case it got updated in 3 working days. Biometrics are valid for 10 years.

The long wait

After say 29 January 2020. We did not hear anything from IRCC, due to COVID-19 lockdown, border closure, etc.

Infact, after almost 1.5 years, that is in May 2021 we got re medicals request because our medicals got expired. Again the whole medical procedure was repeated and we paid again for the procedure.

To all of a sudden

I left my teaching job with the hope to move in tech line on 1st October 2022. Completed my course and was in the process of creating a portfolio. Then on 23rd November 2021, we got our golden email:the passport request or the ready for visa request email. Which looks like this:

I really felt blessed beyond imagination, as I had no job.

This step involved:

  1. Getting a proper photo for the Copy of permanent resident, I will reccommend Capital studio, Sector 17, Chandigarh for that. As my husband photos were sent back due to some issue with the dimension of the picture taken from Raj studio.
  2. For writing details at the back of the each photo use permanent thin point marker.
  3. Rest of the procedure is easy, again you will visit VFSGlobal for the pick up of your passport, photos, a letter(they give in PDF form) signed, etc.
  4. Then you wait for the final letter with the stamped passport and COPR.

When did I got my Visa?

I got an email from VFSGlobal on 13 December 2021,

My daughter and I got Visa on 14th December 2021. Whereas my husband passport was returned without stamping due to photo issue. Yeah, it felt bad that his visa got stuck!

Then, he got his photo clicked from Capital Studio, Secto 17, Chandigarh and his full procedure with additional cost was repeated.

Finally on 24th December 2021, he got his visa stamping done!

Ofcourse, it was a long wait and then all of a sudden.

When did we book our flights to Canada?

We have some close relative in Canada, who guided us to land here before 18th January 2022, due to some important speech by PM of Canada on Immigration.

So, we booked our flights on 27th December 2021 for 16th Januray 2022.

In this time frame, we just did the most important tasks.

Finding a job, getting international driving license, basic utensils shopping, currency exchange, shopping for my daughter, selling some stuff on OLX, arranging funds, packing, Airbnb for stay, medicines with prescription, etc.

Note: We did not shop for cloths, shoes, etc as Vancouver weather works with Indian clothes.

So, we finally landed in Canada on 16th January 2022.

That’s all!

You can read my previous 2 blog post on immigration and ask any question related to the same.

Happy learning!

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Mayank Deshpande

I am 31 year old and my wife is 26 .What is the situation today.. do I think about immigration to Canada or live in India what to do? Can I get PR or not?
Please suggest me.

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