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How to become a person of focus, commitment, and sheer will?

Most of us have heard about the extraordinary people, those who were able to make the most out of the 24 hours, which each one of us gets. But only a handful of them is able to put them to use efficiently. Do you want to know, who all are such types of people? Let’s read and find out: How to become a person of focus, commitment, and sheer will?

Find Your Purpose

Every person on this earth has been assigned a role to be done. Some of us struggle to find what is our purpose in life? Most do not even end up with a job until it’s too late. God did not design us, to just wander mindlessly. We all have that sense, that inner voice that keeps telling us to do more. Most of us, ignore those voices, due to societal pressure. Only some of us are able to hear a little whisper from inside. Just 1% are able to follow that voice.

Be that 1 %, who listens and follow that inner voice. Find your purpose in life. What you want to become? What do you want to achieve in this lifetime? Do you just want to be remembered by a bunch of your friends and family? Or want to make a difference, that each one on this planet knows who you are?

Think and find your purpose in life. Trust me, most of us just retire doing the same piece of job for a certain amount of salary and leave. Be more than that, be better known apart from your job. Create your identity, beyond your work and personal life. Absorb the positivity around you, inhale the motivation surrounding you. You will be able to find your purpose in life.

Uplift others

Uplift means, making others around you perform better than what they were doing earlier. I personally believe in a level playing field. Set a positive environment, where each person tries to uplift others in a cordial manner. Do not put others down, do not change yourself with the changing title of your job. Those are materialistic things, your grave will only mention your name and the number of years to live. Nobody mentions their resume on their grave, to get better placed in heaven or in hell.

Ultimately, you need to decide, whether you want to rise by serving others or rise by ordering others. One must serve, to be remembered. Be human, be kind, do not serve others for your own selfish motive. Somethings are done, for your own inner peace and not for the publicity.

If you uplift others, then the forces around you will automatically help you to rise further in life.

Be discipline

I always mention this trait as the hardest to adapt to. Doing good deeds once in a while is different, but being good needs discipline. It is really difficult to provide a perfect picture of the good, a person can be good with their family members, and might be mean with friends or vice versa. This kind of person shows dual personality, which means you are acting at 1 place and being original at the other place. Be what you are at home or outside, why do you change yourself with your surroundings? Do your surroundings define your character? Sounds strange, your character is built on the basis of your behavior inside and outside your comfort zone. Be disciplined with yourself, be the original person. Do not be a fake person.

Accept your defaults, accept your mistakes. Nobody is perfect, but once you accept your negatives as well as your positives, it actually makes you the person of sheer will. Because you know yourself better than anybody else in this world.

Being alone

When I say, be alone. I didn’t mean that you leave everything else. Being alone, makes you realize who you truly are? Love spending time with yourself, there is no harm to sit alone at a cafe to enjoy your cup of coffee all alone. Who made such a social stigma, that 1 person can’t sit and enjoy food, or watch a movie alone at the theatre. Trust me, I have done all these things, and I am still trying to figure out what I want from myself? My inner voice is getting louder day by day. And in order to listen to this voice, I take some time off with myself.

If you can enjoy your own company then it is applaudable. It means you like yourself as a person. That’s the foundation to be a person with commitment and focus. You got that convincing power to make yourself adapt to any kind of change or to accept any kind of challenge in life.

Thank You!

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