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How to find inspiration to write?

Sometimes I find it difficult to write, not because I am not able to find words to write about. But because there are so many things that start clashing in my mind. Sometimes I need to isolate myself from the noise of the outside world, so that I can make a clear mind map, about what I want to write about. In order to find the inspiration to write, you need to observe those things which nobody else pays attention to. Let me share my tips about – how to find the inspiration to write?

Look at the things that nobody pays attention to

Waiting at the red lights, I observe different people. I look at their activities, and sorry to say: I do eavesdropping as well. Today only I went for lunch with my husband, and I observe different kinds of people. A group of friends was sitting next to us, and for a minimum of 20 minutes, they were engaged in discussing a girl whether she is married or not. They were literally scrolling through their mobile phones and looking at her pictures. I found these kinds of incidents as an inspiration. I don’t know why? Maybe it makes me feel, why are they wasting their precious time. They can actually do something better than this. But it’s their life, who am I to interfere?

Looking at the low profile people

In my gym, I find a variety of people working out. To be honest, some just go there to waste time or to stare at other girls working out. Otherwise, who can spend 2 hours at the gym? In this busy life, I personally prefer using my time judiciously. But I do find some interesting personalities who keep very low profile and I find them interesting to observe.

There are some, who dedicatedly keep working out, not even looking once who is in their surrounding. Some of them just keep looking outside the window, as if they are waiting to fly away, but are caged to be here. These are called fitness trainers. Not able to keep up with everyone’s whims and desires, they just keep themselves hidden under the counter.

Observing the beauty of the nature

I live in Chandigarh, the city beautiful. I am blessed to be a part of this city because I love the natural beauty of it. Look at the trees, even they possess a variety of colors: be it red colors, green the most common one, the yellow color trees, and the sidewalks are full of multiple color flowers; violet, white, pink, red, you name the color and you will definitely find much more than that in this city.

Looking at these natural colors gives such a relief to my mind. A peace, which you don’t get watching TV at home. It is nature, the birds, the beautiful sky, the breeze, all these inspire me to write. You should try it once, so many thoughts flow into your mind when you observe the beauty of nature.

Random incidents

These are the major contributors to finding inspiration to write. Talking to an old friend, or listening to their life daily routine. I find motivation in the most demotivated people around me. Their aura, makes me speak for them. In fact, their personality inspires me to write to help them. My friend circle ranges from the most disheartened and distracted ones to the most self-motivated and focussed ones. When you meet a variety of people, your mind somehow starts making the list of their pros and cons. Somehow, you start living their lives for a moment. These characteristics, inspire me to write.


Yes, running it is. Running helps me to find words to write. Somehow, while running, I look constantly at myself in the mirror. I look directly into my eyes. I actually see myself, constantly for 10 minutes. I talk to myself, what do I want in my life? How many of us, can look into our own eyes and find answers. We just normally glance at the mirror, to check how we are looking. We don’t see ourselves that much.

So, while running I prefer looking directly into my heart and into my mind. I constantly ask myself: What do I want to achieve in this life? I still don’t have the answer to this question. But I am still doing my part, I will not give up until I find myself.

I know, I have actually shared my secret about how I get inspiration to write? But this is not the case with each one of us. Every person is different, I find my inspiration through the most basic things and incidents in life. This might be different for you. Find your inspiration, do not waste your time doing anything. Be something, be different.

That’s all about how to find inspiration to write?

Thank You!

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