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Transformation Journey

How to lose 16 kgs in 6 months?

How to lose 16 kg in 6 months? It is possible if you are determined and consistent. Your will should be so strong that excuses do not stand a chance when it’s time to do or die. You will always choose to do, come what may. Whether it rains or it’s extremely hot or it’s freezing chill. You will not skip a day for anything. All it takes is 40-50 minutes of workout and some control. Let me start with my journey and how I am managing it so far.

That’s me in December 2020. Say hi to old me.

Now, meet the present me November 2021

Well you could say it’s 11 months transformation. Okay, now it’s all about maintenance.

I will share June 2021 image. Here you go,

Now, I am all about maintaining 66 kg-67 kg. I really want to lose another 6-7 kg and reach my ideal body weight of 60 kg.

Let me share the secret ways to lose weight.

1. Realise

Realization plays an important role if you have realized that you are overweight, or you are growing old sooner than expected or someone points out “Hey, are you expecting?”

If these things make you realize, that its the high time now. Then you are all set.

Remember, “You need to wake up from inside”.

2. Decide

At this phase you have to decide, are you happy with the current version of you? Or you would like to make a change. My journey started with you, you and you, and your decision. Have you decided to lose weight? Then continue reading, else this is not the right place for you.

Once, you decide, “There is no backing out, make a promise to yourself and don’t break it”.

3. Understand

There is no concept of spot reduction or losing in a few days, or taking pills, or wearing belts, etc. These are not going to help you. You need to help yourself, how? Take a look at your diet first.

How many sweets you are taking daily?

How much spicy food you are eating daily?

Are you continuously eating fried, because it’s available for free? or its someone’s birthday or some Parshad?

Well, you have to understand, these are going to make you fall into the biggest trap of weight gain. You have to say bye to Fried, extreme salt, sugar, and no eating after 7 PM, at least for the first 100 days. I believe you can do it. And trust me, you will.

4. Jot Down the date

To make it realistic, it’s just a matter of a few days to build a habit. 180 days are sufficient enough to make you stronger and strong-willed. Once you have decided, make sure you don’t ruin it. Once you start it, make sure you don’t break the drill. Consider it like a 6 months course, to gain the degree of new You!

5. Download a Sweat App

That’s what I did, my workout are designed by Kayla Itsines. Through her sweat app, You will start from the beginner’s workout. And yes, you have to enroll yourself at the nearest gym near you. Why? It will encourage you to work out in a place, where everyone else is working out. You don’t need a trainer to guide you. This app is sufficient enough.

6. Read

Reading will help you and encourage you. Some books are like eye-openers, if you can then please read at least for 20 minutes daily, if possible. My suggestions and the books which I have read:

  1. The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma
  2. Atomic Habits
  3. The Monk who sold his Ferrari
  4. 7 Habits of highly effective people

That will keep you motivated enough for 180 days. I have read all of these and am reading more.

7. Wrist Watch

Currently, I wear an Apple watch, all the time. Before that, I used to wear a Mi band.

How does it help? It’s like a mental satisfaction and a tracker of the number of steps you took. And how many calories you burn. These are just initial stages and bare minimum requirements. Even if you don’t get it, that’s also fine. Not compulsory.

  1. Apple Watch
  2. MI Band

8. Shoes

Sports shoes are so much crucial for your workout performance, and me being a lover of running have explored several running shoes. I am just going to share my 3 favorite shoes which I am currently using, in fact, I use approximately 11 pairs of shoes. But I am well aware of which shoes are the best for your workout routine:

  1. XTEP Men’s Black AirMega Running Shoes – Although these are men’s shoes, but I love them the most. It has a strong grip, solid, heavy, but my favourite. I must have run more then 200 km in these shoes. Its durable and the best. 1 time investment and you are sorted for 4/5 years.
  2. Sketchers Women Go Run – Infact these shoes are little bit expensive compared to my all time favourite. But these are so light and nice to wear. When you get bored, and need a change, these shoes gives you the required kick, when you feel a little lazy to wear heavy shoes.
  3. Women Runfalcon Running Shoes- When I got these shoes, it was 3 times cheaper then it is right now. But, its been with me for past 4 years and is still in good condition.

9. Workout Wear

Well, if you wanna feel motivated. Then, you actually need to get appropriately dressed so that you feel like going to the gym and looking at yourself in the mirror.

I am fond of clothes and my activewear, I have also tried different brands in terms of that. Check me out;

That’s me in March 2021

So, here I am wearing the Falcon shoes. With “>ILLI London top.

These are super comfortable and affordable. Most importantly, they are rough and tough. No need to worry about stitching quality, it’s actually the best. You can explore more options and colors in their section, with a variety of sizes.

10. Start Working Out

See, you should set up a schedule to work out at least 5 times a week.

  1. For beginners it is more then sufficient. And as I mentioned, start with Sweat App, Kayla Itisines Program.

2. Start eating more vegetables, add them to whatever you take in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3. Do not munch on anything after 7 PM.

In case you are looking for some virtual buddy, then you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook, where I keep taking fitness challenges.

You can be my virtual companion in any of those challenges.

Gradually, I will recommend you start adding a 1 km run to your workout routine. It helps a lot in weight reduction. I have done 1 particular challenge wherein I ran for 3km for 66 days. And the ultimate result is as follows:

Good luck and keep me posted on your progress!.

Note, I don’t charge for this guidance. You can follow me in any challenge, free of cost.

Thank You!

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