Posted by Anjali Kaur on Feb 28, 2022

My Job Hunt-Vinyl

My job hunt-Vinyl. Note: I started applying for jobs after we got our passport stamped.

First Round

The first round of Vinyl marketing jobs starts with simply applying either on the company website or through and other job search websites. This is the first round of emails I got from Vinyl.

After the zoom meeting which was full of more than 200+ candidates. (It was a one-way communication where the recruiter is screening and provided important information about the company) They send a general questionnaire to know you socially, nothing complicated.

Second Round

So apparently I cleared the first round of interviews and was invited for the second round of interviews.

Only 3 people were selected from the pool of so many candidates. In the second round, it was 2 other guys and I who were called for a joint interview.

In this round, they talked about how they are going to make you start from the entry-level role, and then you can grow within the company. The job profile was really hectic, and full-time outdoors conducting marketing events and doing cold calling. I was more into the senior role which they were not offering.

In this round, they showed us the company presentation and ask questions related to the recruitment process.

Of course, I was asked that “Will I be able to do this job? With all that experience?” My answer was straight that I am looking to cross this entry-level role and was interested in some other positions. So, I did not get an email after that. (Understood, they won’t be moving forward with me)

Also, I made an excel file to keep a record of the jobs that I have applied for and to keep track. I must have applied to 300-400 places, no kidding.

Just a glimpse of the different jobs where I applied, of course, I applied to more than that. It is just a glimpse of what you can say 3-5 days job hunt.

I hope it helps, all those seeking to get a job. In my upcoming posts, I will write about my journey with other companies.

Thank You!

Happy learning!

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