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People you should stay away from at your workplace

A very important post, that people who consider themselves a little different from the rest should be aware of. I write every post, after living through it. Whatever you read, I have experienced it live in front of me. So, in order to avoid forgetting, I just write them down for future use. Let’s see who all are those people you should stay away from (or maintain distance from) at your workplace. This is important for you, to maintain a calm state of mind. To become happy and content in life, you need to declutter such people. Let’s see what people I prefer staying away from.

1. Who finds flaws in you

Trust me, when you want to bring a change for the well-being. There always be people, who will try to make you feel guilty, by calling you by different words: They might call you ‘inhumane’, or they might call you ‘She thinks she is superior to us’, or ‘since she has time to kill, she expects us to do the same or ‘we have a family to look after, not like hers’, and so on. Let it be, they will say these wordings, because they themselves give up on their dreams, they don’t have the discipline to work to achieve their dreams, they expect you to settle for the average, but it’s up to you. You wanna accept these flaws? Or you wanna take this criticism and turn it into a negative motivation, to prove them wrong.

I always listen to my critiques, I don’t say anything to them. But whenever I hear something like this, these stones turn into milestones for me. Weird but true, I absorb such circumstances and it acts as a power booster for me. Learn to listen to your flaws, inhale them and exhale results out of them.

2. Who makes excuses

See, everyone gets the same 24 hours to achieve whatever they want in life. You must stay away from people, who make excuses, for not doing their homework, or who use family circumstances and blame a person from their family for not doing the prescribed work. I am sure you are surrounded by people, who cite several excuses to survive at their workplace or students who use such excuses to not complete their work on time. This reflects their commitment level, it shows that, when the going gets tougher, these people are not going to stick around. They are going to use the shields of excuses, to not do the task assigned. Every person has family issues, some are single mothers, some had a horrific past life, some have lost their child, some have lost their father or mother or anyone in life. But, why are you blaming their conditions for your own failure? You are an individual person, you should not hide behind such excuses.

Learn, grow, manage, balance, stay awake, have coffee, but be committed. Be a man of word. A person, on whom you can rely blindfolded. But stay away from people who make excuses.

3. Troubles you unnecessarily

Some people have a nagging problem: they will start troubling you by saying, ” you already know this, we can’t do this”, or “it is too hard to manage” or “how do you do it”, etc. Let them be, who bothers.

Stop paying attention to such people, they just like wasting the time of others. Rather than nagging, they should open google and start learning. If you don’t learn daily, if you don’t read daily, there is no force that can stop you from becoming obsolete.

You need to learn every single day, you must read every single day, you must find a solution to your problems every single day, because if you will not resolve your problems. Then someone else will work and find a solution to your ignorance.

So, stay away from the ones who trouble you unnecessarily. Just smile and move on. You got better things to do than waste your precious time discussing problems. These are the same people, who always talk about other people. If you wanna be different, then start focussing your energy on discussing ideas rather than discussing other people’s life.

4. The jealous ones

Now, how to figure out who is jealous of you? It is easy, they will not make eye contact with you. People who are jealous or who are indulging in backbiting about you, avoid making eye contact with you. You know why? Because they have tried their level best, to put you down. They try building an army of haters for you, they will try to boycott you from meetings, their facial expressions change in front of you. Somehow you will be able to read, who is a well-wisher and who is looking for an opportunity to backstab you.

My personal funda, if you identify such people in your life remove them from your social lives, remove them from your contact list. Make sure they know, nothing about your next move. Just become formal with them, do not invite them into your happy moments, because they are burning from inside. These people can never grow. Because they can not tolerate, other people’s achievements. If they can do this to you, they can do this to anyone.

So, you must avoid people who are jealous of you. Just keep praying in your heart, and God will be with you.

5. People who are all about words, no action

There are many, who just talk. Who will say, I can’t do it, but I know it? What does that mean? How do you know it when you can’t do it? Such a flaky statement. Please, get away from them. They are going to use your ideas, and claim them as their own. Do not involve such persons in your path to success. They are negative personalities. The ones, who are considered lazy couch throughout their lives. These people never make any effort to maintain anything in line. You will always find such broken people. Be formal, be respectful towards them. Just don’t waste your precious words or thoughts on them. But do use them as an example, in your life.

6. People who impose their responsibilities on you

Again, so common. Especially at your workplace, when your managers assigned the work and take all the credit for the work, done by you. You have to walk in their shoes, to make them realize. They don’t own you, they are not your bosses. They are colleagues only, you all work for 1 single goal. The goal of each person, whether he is a manager, CEO, anyone is for the betterment of the organization. So be firm, if someone tries to shift their workload on you. Scream if required, highlight if required.

People should know about the ‘lazy rats’ and the ‘hardworking loyal’ in the system. Lazy rats are again all about excuses, shifting the workload, sitting for hours at the same place, doing nothing. Hardworking loyal will burn their midnight oils, for the betterment of the system.

Decide what you want to be? The easy road is lazy rats and the most difficult road is the hardworking loyal. Which one you wanna choose?

But do stay away from people who impose or shift their responsibilities on you.

7. Who takes advantage

Being your friend does not mean, you will not follow the rule. Or the rules do not apply to you. Whatever is decided as a part of the policy of your organization, should be imposed on everyone. This is what makes a difference, if you start behaving impartially towards everyone, then only you become a person of sheer will. I keep it straight, even if you are my friend, you can’t take advantage of me. I won’t be mending rules for you, I won’t be hiding your flaws for the sake of friendship. Sorry, I am a person of the word, for me, everyone is the same. If you are wrong then you are wrong. No matter how close friend you are to me. In the workplace, we all are colleagues, no1 is above or no1 is below. All are at the same level.

It is hard to apply, but trust me, once you become straightforward. No one will ever take the advantage of you, in fact, they will start relying on you. They will start improving themselves, that’s the ultimate goal. Be a good person, and do not take the advantage of being a friend to someone.

Thank You!

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