Posted by Anjali Kaur on Nov 01, 2021
My Pillow is my best friend

The Silence

The silence feels so loud at times, that sometimes I feel like hiding my face with my pillow.

It is at that moment, I realized something;

‘My Pillow is my Best Friend’. Isn’t it?

It never spoils my mood,

It’s so soft and cuddly, I feel so skewed.

My pillow is so flexible,

It makes my eyes shut when I feel terrible.

Pillow gives me rest, gives me dreams,

It bears my weight and never screams.

Pillow makes me feel everything is possible,

When the outside world, makes everything impossible.

It hides my tears and takes away my fears.

Pillow never judges me, and always budges me.

It always hugs me, ready to snug me.

Pillow gives me joy and lets me cry.

It comforts me like the lap of my mother.

I look forward to keeping my head on my pillow,

As it feels like the shadow of some willow.

My pillow is my Best Friend.

Thank You!

I definitely know, I could write better. But that’s all I could manage.

Again thanks for your time, I am grateful.

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