Posted by Anjali Kaur on Feb 04, 2022

The struggle

Everyone in this world is fighting their own battles. As we all know, life is not as beautiful as it always seems. It’s the struggle to keep it working, it’s the struggle to keep hanging there, it’s the struggle to hope all will be fine in the end.

Some things can actually increase your struggle or may decrease it. Let’s see what are those things.

The Known ones

Sometimes your own known ones can be the most important factor to increase the burden of your struggle. How?

Through their negative talks, arrogance, attitude, not caring behavior, weird jokes, unwanted comments. Even, the closest ones can leave such remarks that you won’t even feel like walking or talking with them. You start drifting apart to find your inner peace.


Surroundings could be where you live, shop, work, spend your most time. When surroundings stop favoring you, sometimes you feel like you are blamed for doing nothing. For instance, having a child who cries in the streets without listening to you, or becomes adamant about something, then the surroundings give you such a look that you feel embarrassed and helpless at the same time. Don’t worry, it happens with everyone. Just a phase of life.


What is loneliness? Well, when your loved ones only ask about other people’s health, wealth, happiness, and not yours. When your loved ones, do not even offer you a glass of water unless you instruct them or even after asking it’s going to be a long wait. That’s loneliness. Again, Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Just a phase of life.

These things actually aggravate your struggle. What things you can control to decrease your struggle?


Keeping a smile on your face is the best reaction, even being quiet at someone’s rude comment is also helpful in reducing the struggle.

Being Busy

Make yourself so busy, that you don’t feel unwanted. How? Work endless, day and night. So, that you don’t have even a single idle minute to grief or crave affection. That will also help in avoiding the feeling of loneliness.

Go Out

Go out in nature, even if it means you have to go alone in the night or early morning. Go run and sweat out all your struggles, all the negativity. Do not think that you being selfish by spending some time on yourself. You need to go out to feel more alive. Look at the beauty of God, feel blessed that you are alive and are a part of the struggle.

Remember, the struggle is something that actually defines you. You cannot change people or your surroundings. But you can change yourself, so it doesn’t affect you anymore. Be like stainless steel, which cannot be eroded or affected. Yes, be strong. You are worth it, you are important and you are here for a reason. Keep fighting your struggle. I wish you the best in the world.

Thank You!

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Girl on Fire

Sourabh watts

Nice lines and pragmatic in today’s world..

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