Posted by Anjali Kaur on Apr 22, 2021

Things you should avoid typing on social media

With the change and advancement in technology, we somehow have started using several social media apps, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram or snap chat and the most common and widely used; Watsapp. People are using these apps, so much so, that they have forgotten about face-to-face communication. Not only that, poor writing skills and misrepresentation of the words chosen have affected so many lives. There are some things you should avoid typing on any social media. Let’s learn.

Courtesy Words

I don’t how and why, but people have forgotten how to use courtesy words while typing any message. Now, let’s take a look at those words, and calculate in your mind, are you using them sufficiently?

Common greetings, like Good morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Then the use of the words like please, thank you, I appreciate it, request you, congratulations, sorry to bother you, etc are some other words which make you stand out from the rest if you use than frequently, trust me you have levelled up in your life.

Most people do not know, how to write a text. Be different, learn how and what to type?

Font Size

When starting a massage, make sure your first alphabet is in capital letters. Even if you are involved in casual chatting. These minor changes in your SMS writing skills, make you step ahead of the rest.

Okay, 1 more thing do not type, everything in capital letters in any text message. The reason being, it reflects the scold language, as if you are shouting at someone. Most people are not even aware of it, it’s an important and common sense skill. You must possess.


Generally, bold is used to represent the importance of the context. So, you should use it, when you are writing something important. Do not overuse, the bold, because then your message loses its important crux. Use it judiciously, then only it will matter.

Questions to avoid; WHY?

Use of why in a WhatsApp conversation especially when you are talking to your colleagues seems impolite. So, in any text messages avoid the use of counter-question or the use of why. Try using, when, or how? They are polite words and never seem rude while reading.

Use of Could, would, instead of can or will

See, especially in WhatsApp chat messages or on any social media messages. Use of could, would is considered to be more respectful rather than the use of can you or will you? It sounds demanded. Be polite while typing your messages, it reflects your level of knowledge. Knowledge and education are different from each other.

Avoid typing

Wherever possible, avoid typing your aggression on the message. Why? because of the screenshot facility available on your mobile. It can actually affect your image negatively. Better call that person and talk to them over the phone, it will still be better than giving a written agreement on your annoyance. Trust me, avoid typing. You will be happier that way. Do not leave any proof of your aggression. Why leave loose threads?

Thank You!

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