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Things you should do, if you are working from home

The most common and easiest way to become lazy is by working from home. Somehow we lose ourselves whenever we get the option to work from home. Why does it happen? Well, that’s the actual time when you realize what are your priorities and what kind of life you will be willing to live after you get retirement. Of course, living a life without supervision, makes us underperform and reduce our caliber to put in efforts. All this is faced, only if you are not disciplined. Let’s see what things you should do if you are working from home.

Plan Ahead

See, when we don’t have a well-defined routine. It becomes really easy to ignore the planning for the day, we forget to keep track of time. Most of us forget, what day or date it is? That’s really common. Most of us don’t even read the newspaper. I am one of them, when I work from home (or even if I am not working from home), I don’t read the newspaper. But that doesn’t mean I am not aware of my surroundings, thanks to the WhatsApp group and my Nana G, who keeps sharing all the news with us.

So, I was saying, plan your day ahead. At least set 3-4 tasks that you should finish today. Be it bank work, or attending some ceremony, or taking your daughter or son to the doctor. Just plan ahead, do not let your day lead you. It should be you, leading the day with a plan in your mind. Planning has to be done in mind if it involves just the 4 big tasks. Do not start writing everything on your to-do list, it becomes overwhelming. Just create a vision that on Monday, I have to study or prepare this chapter, or whatever is on your plate. Just be prepared ahead.


Most of us consider that- okay, we don’t have to go to the office it means we can delay our bathing routine. But why? I don’t understand, if you are not going to the office, how is the office related to taking bath on time? Please do not spoil your bathing routine just because you are relaxed at home. Stick to your timelines, do not divert it due to a holiday or work from home privilege. Trust me, you feel more energized if you take bath on time.

It’s like completing the biggest task, at the same time that you used to follow in your normal working days. It is too easy to laze around, be in a blanket, having breakfast on the bed, keeping the television on all the time as background noise.

It takes effort to stick to the basic cleanliness habits, get up and take shower on time. Bath and office have no correlation.

Get dressed

You must get dressed, or at least be decent-looking even if you are at home. Even during your summer holidays, or even during your maternity break. I am not saying hit the parlor, just don’t be in Pyjamas all day long. Don’t wear your loose and baggy clothes during the daytime, it will definitely make your body and mind realize that it is my relaxed day. You will be more tempted to take an extra nap, even if it is not required.

Don’t be trapped, get dressed, put on your basic mascara, lipstick, and for guys, especially the Sikh ones. Please wear a turban, you look so much refreshed and active when you put in a little effort into yourself.

Consistent efforts become habits in the future. We need to set an example for our kids, or for the sake of keeping ourselves feel good. You must do the bare minimum. It will make you feel more productive, you yourself will feel like going out, sit at a cafe and work.

Eating habits

When we are going to the office, we generally prepare well about what we will eat during our office hours. We make tea, cut fruits, prepare breakfast, keep water bottles, so many things. Now compare it, when you are working from home. How many of us eat fruits at the same time? Only a handful, that too not regularly. What about water? Do we drink that much water at home, that we used to take during our working hours? Well, I tend to forget, I actually have to remind myself to eat fruits, drink water, have proper breakfast, and not binge eating on unnecessary biscuits, rusks, bread, etc.

Do not just make a routine for your office, make routine and healthy eating habits for yourself. You must realize, that our office should not define our personality or set our character. It is on us, we have to set our limits, we need to optimize ourselves, even when nobody is watching us. Be self-motivated, why are we doing things to show off others? I like impressing myself, I don’t care about what others think of me. Ultimately, I live with myself 24 hours a day, my soul is what I need to keep happy. I am not doing a stage act, to get claps from the audience. Love yourself, your own very self. Even when no1 is watching you, you are watching your ownself. Make yourself proud, you will automatically see the change in your surroundings

Sleeping habits

When we come back from the office after long working hours, how much easy it is to just grab some snacks, make ourselves a glass of wine and just sit on the couch and start watching TV nonstop until the clock shows 1 AM, 2 AM, so on. Why? Don’t we have to wake up tomorrow? Why the sleeping habits get spoiled when we are at home? Is it just the office, which keeps us on track and a little discipline? Don’t we have to do something better, every single day? It doesn’t have to be an office, start reading books. Good books, like the 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma. You will be able to better comprehend, what I am trying to convey here.

What will happen, when you retire? Are you planning to follow the same lazy routine throughout your life? Or you wanna make a difference? Do something for yourself, not just to impress the world around you. Be punctual, be timely, be disciplined, even when nobody is watching. This will define your character and will make a person of focus, commitment, and sheer will.

Thank You!

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