Posted by Anjali Kaur on Oct 10, 2021

Who are connections?

Connections are extremely important for survival in this universe. Most people do not even understand the simple concept of connections. In this post, I will give my opinion on connections.


The association between two people, who connect on different grounds, like same tastes, preferences, habits, dressing style, similar passion, even the blood relations, working in the same organization, studying together, gym buddies, etc. Connections can be a bad one or a good one, depending upon the experiences or the conversation you share with another person. Let’s understand, how to build valuable connections.

1. Be genuine

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to show your good side to the other person all the time. We are humans, we have a range of emotions, how can you expect another person to remain on the same wavelength when you yourself can’t? So, by being genuine, I mean, even if you have a bad side, show it. That’s what defines us. Nobody is perfect in this world, everyone has been through a hell of one kind or the other.

2. Be respectful

People tend to confuse the word respect, with complaints. See, being respectful means you shouldn’t scream, yell, or degrade another person either publicly or personally. We are human species who are way far different, refined, from animals. Only the uneducated ones, the people who are of the low standard will insult somebody else.

For example, if you shout at someone in the corridor of your working organization, that’s called being disrespectful. The other person going to the higher authority about your misbehavior is called a complaint. People mixes complaints with disrespect. Do not disrespect others, if you want to build good connections. Trust me, we all are interdependent on each other, ego never survives, eventually, it gets shattered.

3. Equal treatment

Extremely important, if you don’t wanna be biased. Then be equal, whether you get to sit with your favorite person or with not so favorite person. Equality gets reflected in actions, mind your actions. Your actions and reactions can actually take a deep toll on somebody else.

4. Be strong

People admire other people who are strong enough to take care of themselves and who do not whine about their miseries, mishappenings, past, etc and etc. Be strong enough, doesn’t mean you do not have to be emotional, there is a clear-cut difference. Something bad happens, we all show emotions, but then again you should not put the episode on repeat mode. Why? It hurts you, it hurts others and you get weak.

5. Don’t Judge

You should not judge another person, nobody knows the true picture of the other person. Sometimes, we ourselves struggle to define our true personalities. We are not God, so please do not judge another person on their clothing, their haircut, their ear piercing, or tattoos, or voice, height, weight, color, race, religion. Please do not judge, we all are humans, and share the same color of blood.

6. Be kind

Kindness never goes out of fashion, helping others never goes out of fashion. But making the other person counts on the things you did, or not or whatever, defeats the purpose of kindness. Be kind, and helpful, but do not keep a record of it. God is always watching, what you do outside your home and what you are inside your home. So, just be kind and helpful, with no reason.

7. Be uplifting

Uplift others, if you want to grow and make real connections. It means, if you know something that can be helpful to the other person, then do it. Uplift others, and let’s go ahead in life together. Do not shame others, or mock someone in their absence, you never know what it can cost to another person or to you.

8. Be motivating

Motivate others to be their best version. So, 1 year ago same time I started losing the real me, became lazy, fat, and underconfident. Then, my true connection told me “Anjali, what happened to you? You used to wear lipstick, matching specs, handbag, and now you are not doing anything” Well this, motivated me. And few other constructive criticisms, like “You have gained a lot, do some workout” and ” Are you planning the second baby?” All this constructive criticism was done face to face to me, without yelling, or mocking. There is a difference, I loved these statements, and I bounce back. So be motivating, and uplifting, and helpful.

I am thankful for each and every person/connection I have made so far. All these connections are the reason and the motivation behind my writing.

Make connections, we all need them. Be there for your connections!

Thank You!

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