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Advertising in Promotion Mix

Advertising is used as an element or as an ingredient under the promotion mix. It means advertising plays an important role to promote any product. Advertising in the promotion mix is an impersonal form of communication, which is paid for by marketers to promote some goods or services. Let’s Learn advertising in detail.

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Features of Advertising

  1. Paid form– The marketers pay the cost for advertising. So, that they can communicate with potential customers.
  2. Impersonal – There is no face-to-face contact between the prospect and the advertiser, that’s why it is impersonal. Advertising creates a monologue and not a dialogue.
  3. Identified sponsor – Advertising is made by some identified companies.

Advertising creates a monologue and not a dialogue because, advertising is 1-way communication, watchers are not involved to create a dialogue or 2-way communication.

Advantages of Advertising

1. Reach

Advertising can reach a large market. As marketers adopt various media of advertising. For example, Television, radio, etc.

These means helps to reach different corners of country.

2. Choice

There is a wide variety of media available for advertising. like videos, audios, etc.

Marketers are free to choose among any of the media of their choice.

3. Expressiveness

With developments in art, computers, designs, special effects. Even simple products and messages can look very attractive.

4. Economical

Advertising is an economical mode of communication if a large number of people are to be reached. Since advertising has a wider reach, the overall cost of advertising gets spread and per-unit cost becomes very low.

5. Enhancing customer’s satisfaction and confidence

Customers feel more assured about the quality and feels more comfortable if sponsors claim these benefits in advertising.

Objections To Advertising

1. Adds to the cost

An opponent of advertising argue that advertising is unnecessary and it adds to the cost of the product, which is finally passed on the buyers in the form of high prices.

This objection is not correct because with advertising the demand for product increases which causes an increase in sales and finally production also increases.

With an increase in production, companies can get economies of scale, which reduces the cost of production. So, in the long run with advertising costs can be reduced.

2. Undermines social values

Another important criticism of advertising is that it undermines the social value and promote materialism. With advertising, customers get induced to buy more & more products, even if they don’t require them.

With no advertising, we would be less aware of material things.

This objection is not correct because advertising increases the knowledge of customers, by informing them about various products along with their utilities.

3. Confuses the buyer

So many products are being advertised which makes similar claims that the buyer gets confused. He is not able to understand which product add is telling the truth and which one should be relied upon because all adds are confusing the prospective buyer.

For example, we note similar claims of whiteness or stain removing abilities in different detergent powder which sometimes becomes very confusing.

The top television ads in August

The supporter of advertising argues that we are all rational human beings who make our own decision for the purchase of products on factors such as price, style, size, etc.

Thus, buyer can setup his mind and get out of that confusion.

4. Encourages sale of inferior products

Advertising does not distinguish between superior and inferior products. It also persuades people to purchase even inferior products.

This objection to the sale of inferior goods is not correct because what is inferior and what is superior depends upon the economic status of a person.

The lower-income group people satisfy their needs with low-cost inferior goods because they cannot afford the Nike brand.

For example, those who cannot afford to buy shoes of Nike have to satisfy with local brands only.

5. Some advertisement are in bad tastes

Some adds use bad language, the way they are speaking may not appeal to everyone. Sometimes women are shown in adds where they are not required.

For example, a women in after shave lotion adds, where she is not even required shows an unnecessary involvement of women to persuade the sales of after shave lotion.

Some advertisements distort/destroy the relationship between employers and employees, among in-laws, etc.

These types of adds should be avoided as it is a matter of personal opinion.

This is all about advertising in promotion mix.

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