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Henry Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management

Henry Fayol is known as the father of management studies. In this post, you will get a quick revision of Henry Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management. But let’s learn a quick way to memories these principles. 2 ways to learn them quickly:

  1. Use the sentence code “You (u) See (c), Your (u) Dear (d) SIR, in the (D) WAR and PEST ‘POCDPS’.”
Tips to learn 14 Principles of Managment

2. Use the sentence, “The War Die, You see, You the, Sir, Pest, POCDPS”

Tips to learn 14 Principles of Managment

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1. Division of Work

Division of work brings:

  • Specialisation
  • Improves efficiency

2. Authority and Responsibility

  • Authority and responsibility bring balance
  • No misuse of authority
  • Responsibility ensures time lines are followed

3. Discipline

Disciplines involve:

  • Following code of conduct and rules
  • Systematic work
  • Improves efficiency

4. Unity of Command

Unity of command involves:

  • Receiving order from 1 boss only
  • No confusion is caused
  • No ego clashes

5. Unity of Direction

Unity of direction involves:

  • 1 unit – 1 plan
  • Achieving organisation goals
  • Efforts are placed towards 1 direction

6. Subordination of Individual Interest to General Interest

  • Organisation interest should be superseded on individual interest.
  • It brings coordination

7. Remuneration of Person

  • Payment should be fair
  • It brings satisafaction
  • It also motivate person to work

8. Centralisation & Decentralisation

  • Centralisation causes concentration of authority in fewer hands. It helps in fast decision making.
  • Decentralisation means dividing power among different levels.

9. Principle of Scalar Chain

  • It suggests that the line of authority must be followed
  • It also make systematic flow of work

10. Principle of Order (NOT COMMAND)

  • It involves orderly arrangement
  • No wastage of resources
  • Smooth functioning

11. Principle of Equity

  • It ensures kind, fair, and just treatment.
  • No discrimination

12. Stability of Tenure of Personnel

  • It ensures no frequent termination and transfer.

13. Initiative

  • It means coming forward with ideas.
  • Self motivation

14. Espirit De Corps

  • It ensures team spirit, uity and harmony.
  • Group goals

Specific Management means “Knowing exactly what you want men to do and seeing that they do it, in the best way”

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