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Importance of Delegation

Delegation ensures that subordinates perform tasks on behalf of the manager, thereby reducing his workload. In this post, we will learn about the importance of delegation by giving its benefits.

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Benefits of delegation

Effective delegation leads to following benefits:

1. Effective management

By empowering the employees, the manager is able to function more efficiently as they get more time to concentrate on important matters.

2. Employee’s development

As a result of delegation, employees get more opportunities to utilize their talent. It allows them to develop those skills which will enable them to perform complex tasks and assume those responsibilities which will improve their career prospects.

3. Motivation of employees

Delegation helps in developing the talents of the employees. When a superior entrust a subordinate with the task, it is not merely the sharing of work but involved trust on the superior’s part and commitment on the part of the subordinate. Responsibility for work builds the self-esteem of an employee and improves his confidence.

4. Facilitation of growth

In the process of delegation, when the manager is passing their responsibility and authority to the subordinates, they keep in mind the qualification and capability of all the subordinates. This leads to a division of work and specialization which is very important for the organization’s growth.

5. Basis of management Hierarchy

Delegation of authority establishes superior-subordinate relationships which are the basis of the hierarchy of the management. It is the degree and flow of authority which determines who has to respect whom.

6. Better coordination

The elements of delegation namely authority, responsibility, and accountability helps to define the powers, duties, and answerability related to the various positions in an organization. This helps to avoid overlapping of duties and duplication of efforts as it gives a clear picture of the work.

This is all about the importance of delegation.

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