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Importance of Organizing

For any business enterprise to perform tasks and meet goals successfully, the organizing function must be properly performed. In this post, we will learn the importance of organizing.

Let’s learn more about it.

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1. Clarity in Working relationships

The establishment of working relationships clarifies lines of communication and specifies who is to report to whom.

Each manager knows very clearly to whom he can give orders and from whom he has to receive the orders. The supervisor and subordinate relationship are clearly defined in the organization.

2. Optimum utilisation of resources

Organizing leads to the proper usage of all the materials, financial and human resources.

The proper assignment of jobs avoid overlapping of work and also makes possible the best use of resources.

Avoidance of the duplication of work helps in preventing confusion and minimizing the wastage of resources and efforts.

3. Development of personnel

Delegation of authority is an important part of organizing. By delegating the work the manager can concentrate to develop new methods and ways of performing jobs. It gives them time to innovate new technologies and areas for growth of the company. Delegation not only reduces the workload of managers but also helps them to use and realize their full potential for more creative work.

4. Expansion and growth

With Optimum utilization of resources and proper division of work and departmentation, companies can easily meet the challenges and can expand their activities in a planned manner.

Therefore, organizing is a process by which the manager brings order, removes conflicts among people overwork or responsibility-sharing, and creates an environment suitable for teamwork.

5. Adaptation to change

Whenever the changes take place in the business environment than with the help of organizing functions these changes can be adopted systematically.

Organizing function creates different department group related activities under different departments.

So, the changes can be adopted only in that area which gets affected by the changes.

6. Benefits of specialization

In organizing, every individual is assigned a part of the total work and not the whole task. This division of work into smaller units and assignment of units according to the qualifications leads to the specialization.

The specialization automatically comes when an individual is performing a job repeatedly.

7. Effective administration

Organizing provides a description of jobs and related duties. This is to avoid confusion and duplication. The clarity in the relationships enables the proper execution of work. Management of an enterprise thereby becomes easy and this brings effectiveness in the administration.

Tip to keep in mind for memorizing the importance of organizing:

Use the acronym – ‘ABCDEEO’

A- Adaptation to change

B- Benefit of specialization

C- Clarity in work relationships

D- Development of personnel

E- Effective administration

E- Expansion and growth

O- Optimum use of resources

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