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Management As A Profession

The profession is an occupation backed by specialized knowledge and training, in which entry is restricted. Management also has certain features as a profession.

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1. Well-defined body of knowledge

All professions are based on knowledge, that can be acquired through instructions, same in the case of management. Management knowledge can be learned by so many books.

2. Restricted Entry

Entry to a profession is restricted through an exam or educational degree.

For example, to become Chartered Accountant, a candidate has to clear some exams. However, management has no strict rules on the appointment of a manager. Although now, companies prefer to appoint managers only with MBA degrees.

This feature doesn’t apply to management fully.

3. Professional Association

All professions are affiliated with a professional association that regulates entry, grant certificate of practice, and formulation of a code of conduct.

For example, an Indian lawyer has to be a member of the BAR council, which regulates their activities.

In management, many associations are set up at national and international levels, which have the same membership rules and set of ethical codes.

For example, AIMA is New Delhi but there is not legally binding.

This feature doesn’t apply to management fully.

4. Existence of Ethical Code of Conduct

All professions are bound by a code of conduct that guides the behavior of its members. All doctors, for example, take the oath of ethical practice at the time they enter the profession. For example, AIMA is New Delhi but there is not legally binding.

This feature doesn’t apply to management fully.

5. Service Motive

The basic motive of a profession is to serve the client’s interest by giving service. Like, lawyers, have to provide justice to its client.

Management runs on profit maximization goals, but in order to service in long run, businessmen must give importance to social objectives along with economic objectives.

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