Posted by Anjali Kaur on Oct 22, 2021
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Management As A Science

Management as a science is a systematic body of knowledge that explains certain general truths or the operation of general laws.

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1. Systematic body of knowledge

Science principles are based on a cause-and-effect relationship.

For example, the law of gravity explains an apple falling from a tree. Similarly, Science in management also explains the availability of systematic and organized study material.

2. Principles are based on experimentation

Science principles are developed through observation and then tested through repeated experimentation under controlled conditions.

Since management deals with human beings and human behavior can’t be accurately predicted. So, this feature does not fully apply to management.

3. Universal validity

Science principles have universal validity, but management principles are not universal. They have to be modified according to a given situation. Again, this principle also does not fully apply to management.

Trick to learn them:

Use code UPS for ‘management as a science’.

U. – Universal Validity

P- Principles are based on experimentation

S – Systematic body of knowledge

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