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Organizing can be defined as a process that initiates implementations of plans by clarifying jobs and working relationships and effectively deploying resources for the attainment of identified and desired results (goals).

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Definition of Organising

“Organising is a process of identifying and grouping the work to be performed, defining and delegating responsibility and authority, and establishing relationships to enable people to work effectively together in accomplishing objectives”. – Louis Allen

Concept of organizing as a structure

An organizational structure is the structural framework of all the positions in a setup. Each position has a set of tasks, responsibilities, and authority. Each task is interrelated and the collective performances of all the tasks by different positions holders enable the achievement of organizational goals.

Therefore, organizational structure refers to a network of authority and responsibility relationships by showing who reports to whom and for what purpose to achieve goals.

Basic framework of organization structure

The Organization Chart provides a framework for creating all the systems  and processes of your business. | Business org chart, Organization chart,  Business systems

Organisation as a process

The term organization refers to the process of identifying and grouping activities to be performed and dividing them among the individuals and creating authority and responsibility relationship among them for the accomplishment of the organization objectives.

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