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Packaging as an Element of the Marketing Mix

Packaging refers to the act of designing and producing the container or wrapper of a product. In this post, I will be discussing packaging as an element of the marketing mix. We will be learning the following:

  1. Levels of Packaging
  2. Importance & Functions of packaging
  3. Labeling
  4. Types of labels
  5. Functions of labeling

Levels of Packaging

1. Primary Packaging

Primary packaging is the product’s immediate container. The container can be kept until ready to use and until the entire life of the product.

For example, toothpaste tube, face cream container, etc.

2. Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging is the additional layer of protection until the product is ready for use.

For example, box of the shaving cream, box of bleaching cream, etc.

3. Transportation

The further packaging necessary for transporting the product is the third level of packaging.

For example, transit packaging of lays, cold drinks, etc.

Importance & Functions of Packaging

1. Protection

Packaging protects the product from damages like sun, rain, moisture, etc.

For example, air tight containers for biscuits, chips, etc.

2. Identification

With the help of packaging, the product can be easily identified.

For example, Dabur lal toothpaste in red color.

3. Convenience

The handling of the product becomes more convenient with the appropriate packaging. It becomes easy to store or shift.

For example, pet bottle of cold drinks.

4. Promotion

Packaging plays a role of silent salesmen because it promotes sales of the product.

For example, Ferraro Rocher chocolate.

Ferrero Rocher Official Website -

5. Rising standard of Health and Sanitation

Packaging has become important because of the rising standard of health and sanitation. In a packed good, there are fewer chances of contamination of the product.

6. Product Differentiation

Packaging helps the customer to differentiate the goods on the basis of the quality according to the type of packaging.

For example, Chrome cast.


Labeling means putting identification marks on the packaging. The label is the carrier of the information. It contains the name of the product, name of the manufacturer, contents of the product, expiry and manufacturing date, MRP, weight, etc.

Types of Labels

There are 2 types of labels:

1. Simple Tag form

It is mainly used in rice, wheat bags which are not highly branded.

2. Elaborated Labels

These are used by reputed company like lays, nestle, etc.

# Statutory warning must also be printed on the label. For example, on tobacco, liquor – “Consumption is injurious to health” should be mentioned.

Functions of Labeling

1. Describe the product and specify its content

The label is used to describe the product, usage, caution in use, and specify its content.

For example, a package of a brand of coconut oil describes the product as pure coconut oil with henna, amla, lemon, and specify how these are good for hair.

2. Identify the product

The label helps the customer to identify the product from the various types of available products.

For example, Cadbury chocolate can be easily identified when kept on the shelf by the color of its label.

Cadbury Chocolate Stock Video Footage - 4K and HD Video Clips ...

3. Help in Grading

With labeling, product can be graded into different categories.

For example, Brooke Bond Red Label, Brooke Bond Yellow label, Brooke Bond Green label.

4. Promotes Sales

A carefully designed label can attract attention and give reason to purchase the product.

For example, free toothbrush inside the box or save money, etc.

5. Providing information required by law

Labeling is needed to provide information required by law.

For example, the statutory warning on the package of cigarettes or tobacco. The warning is stated as ” Smoking is injurious to health” or ” Chewing tobacco is injurious to health”.

Also in the case of poisonous material, appropriate safety warning needs to be put. Like on mosquito spray, etc.

That was all about Packaging as an Element of the Marketing Mix.

I hope it was helpful!

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