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Personal Selling | Promotion mix

Promotion mix involves tools to promote or increase the sale of a product. After advertising, personal selling & sales promotion is 2 more tools used under the promotion mix. In this post, we will be learning about the personal selling | Promotion mix.

Let’s Learn personal selling in detail.

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Personal Selling

It means selling personally. It involves face to face interaction between seller and buyer for the purpose of sale. Under these companies appoint salespersons to contact prospective buyers and create awareness about the product.

Features of Personal Selling

  1. Under personal selling face to face, dialogue takes place that makes an interactive relationship between seller and buyer.
  2. Personal selling allows salespeople to develop personal relationships with prospective customers which is important in making sales.

Merits of Personal Selling

1. Flexibility

The sales presentation can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of individual customers.

2. Direct Feedback

It is possible to take feedback from the customers.

3. Minimum Wastage

The wastage of efforts in personal selling can be minimized as companies can decide the target customers before making any contact with them.

Qualities of a Good Salesman

1. Physical Qualities

A pleasing and charming personality boosts self-confidence, good grooming, appropriate dressing, clean and tidy appearance, and a good posture will go a long way in creating the first impression.

2. Social Qualities

A salesman must have good manners, courtesy in dealing with customers. The practice of greeting and thanking customers, using polite expressions is necessary for success in personal selling.

3. Mental Qualities

A good salesman must have a high degree of intelligence.

He should be initiative.

He should be able to understand the customer quickly and read his mind accurately.

4. Technical Qualities

The salesman must have full technical knowledge about the product.

5. Other Qualities

He must have good memory power, honesty, loyal, trustworthy, knowledgeable, etc.

Thank You. This was all about personal selling in promotion mix.

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