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Process of Organizing

Organizing can be defined as a process that initiates implementations of plans by clarifying jobs and working relationships and effectively deploying resources for the attainment of identified and desired results (goals). The process of organizing involves a series of steps that need to be taken to achieve the desired goals.

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Steps in the process of organizing

Tip to learn the step in the process of organizing use the acronym “IDEA”

I – Identification and division of work

D- Departmentalisation

E – Establishing reporting relationships

A – Assignment of duties

1. Identification and Division of Work

The first step in the process of organizing involves identifying and dividing the work that has to be done as per plan.

The division of work makes sure that there is no duplication of work and there is no burden of work on one person.

Work can be shared among the employees. The manager divides the work into smaller units and each unit of work is called a job.

For example, in a bank, every individual is assigned a job. The cashier accepts cash, one person issues checkbook, other person looks after common queries like “May I help you desk”, etc.

2. Departmentalisation

After dividing the work into smaller jobs. Related and similar jobs are grouped together and placed under 1 department.

The departmentalization or grouping of jobs can be done by an organization in different ways:

a. Functional departmentalisation

Under this method, jobs related to common functions are grouped under one department.

For example, all the jobs related to sales are grouped under the sales department. Similarly, all the jobs related to marketing are grouped under the marketing department, and so on.

b. Divisional departmentalisation

When an organization is producing more than 1 type of product then they prefer divisional departmentalization. Under this, jobs related to 1 product are grouped under 1 department.

For example, if an organization is producing cosmetics, textile, and medicines then jobs are related to production, sales, and marketing of cosmetics are grouped under 1 department. Similarly, jobs related to production, sales, and marketing of medicines are grouped under a separate head.

3. Assignment of duties

It is necessary to define the work of different job positions and accordingly to allocate work to various employees according to knowledge, experience, and qualification.

It is essential for effective performance that a proper match is made between the nature of a job and the ability of an individual to do the assigned job. The work must be assigned to those who are best fitted to perform it well.

4. Establishing reporting relationships

After assigning duties, each individual should also know who he has to take orders from and to whom he is accountable.

The establishment of such clear relationships helps to create a hierarchy structure and helps in coordination among various departments.

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