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Public Relation | Concept & Role

Public relation means maintaining relations with the public or being good in the eyes of the people. In this post, we will learn Public Relation | Concept & Role in an easy manner.

Let’s Learn public relation in detail.

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Concept of Public Relation

Public relations means maintaining company’s goodwill with the public.

The public doesn’t mean only customers but it includes shareholders, supply, intermediaries, & customers, etc.

Role of Public Relation

The public relation department performs the following functions:

1. Press Relation

The public relations department is in contact with the media to present true facts and a correct picture of the company.

2. Product Publicity

The public relations department makes special efforts to publicize new products. They arrange sports and cultural events, news conferences, seminars, etc.

3. Corporate Communication

With the help of newsletter, annual reports, brochures, articles, and audio-visual materials.

The public relations department communicates with the public and employees.

4. Lobbying

Lobbying means that the organization has to deal with Government officials and different ministers with respect to policies related to business and economy.


5. Counselling

The public relation department advises management on general issues which affect the public. The company can build goodwill by contributing money and time for certain causes like the environment, children’s rights, education, wildlife, etc.

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