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Responsibilities of the Consumer

A consumer should keep in mind some of the responsibilities while purchasing, using, or consuming any goods or services. Let’s learn about the responsibilities of consumers.

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Duties of Consumer

Duties or responsibilities of the consumers are as follows:

1. Knowledge about the Market

The consumer should be aware of various goods and services which are available in the market, to make intelligent and wise choices.

2. Quality Conscious

Consumers should buy standardized goods as they provide quality assurance, that is, they should look for ISI mark on electrical goods, hallmark (BIS) on jewelry, etc.

3. Use Product Safely

The consumer should learn about the risk associated with products and services, should follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and use product safety.

4. Careful

The consumer should read the labels carefully, to have information about prices, net weight, manufacturing and expiry dates, etc.

5. Assertive

Consumers should make sure that they gets a fair deal.

6. Honest

The consumers should be honest in their dealings and should choose from only legal goods and services. Consumers should try to discourage illegal practices like black marketing, etc.

7. Ask for Cash Memo

Consumers should ask for a cash memo on the purchase of goods and services. This would serve as proof of the purchase made.

8. File a Case

The consumer should file a complaint in an appropriate consumer forum in case of a short-coming in the quality of goods purchased.

9. Form Consumer Societies

Consumer societies would play an active part in educating consumers and safeguarding their interests.

10. Respect the Environment

The consumer should avoid waste, littering and contributing to pollution.

Some important marks:

ISI – Indian Standard Institutions – These marks are for consumer durable products, electronic items, etc.

ISI Full Form – ISI का फूल फॉर्म क्या है

Agmark – Agricultural Marketing – This mark is on agricultural commodities and livestock products.

Agmark - Wikipedia

BIS Hallmark – Bureau of Indian Standard – This mark is on gold jewelry.

Hallmarking overview - Bureau of Indian Standards

Woolmark – This mark is on 100% pure wool.

Woolmark - Wikipedia

EcoMark – This mark is on environmental friendly products.

Ecomark - Electronics India Incorporation

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