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Selection Process Steps

Steps Involved in Selection Process

Steps Involved in Selection Process – Business studies, class XII are Preliminary screening, selection test, employment interview, reference and background check, selection decision, medical examination, job offer, and contract of employment.

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Selection Process Step by Step

1. Preliminary Screening

Preliminary screening is done to eliminate unqualified and misfit candidates based on information supplied in the application form.

2. Selection Test

The organization prefers to conduct written tests to find out the practical knowledge of the candidates. The type of test to be conducted depends on the need of the organization.

Common types of tests conducted by organizations are:

  • Intelligent test – This kind of psychological test is used to measure the level of intelligence of an individual.
  • Aptitude test – This test is conducted to find out the potential of learning new job in the candidate, that is, How quickly the candidate can learn new skills and new method?
  • Personality test – It is conducted to find out the human behaviour of the candidate. This test relates to intelligence, aptitude, attitude, and the interest of the candidate.
  • Trade test – This test is conducted to check the existing skills of an individual. It helps to find the level of knowledge of proficiency in the area of professional training. Difference between trade test and aptitude test is that, trade test helps to identify present skills of a person while aptitude test helps to measure ability to acquire skills in future.
  • Interest test – This test is conducted to find out the type of job in which candidate has more interest.

3. Employment Interview

The candidates who qualify for the test are called for interviews, to conduct the final interview, a panel of experts is called. It gives chance to candidates to clarify their queries related to salary, etc.

4. Reference & Background Checks

In the application form, the candidate is asked to give the names of 2 references. If the candidate qualifies for the interview then the organization prefers to check with the references about the personal character of the candidate.

5. Selection Decision

The candidates who passed the test, interview, and references check are included in the selection list and the manager selects the most suitable candidate from this list.

6. Medical Examination

Before giving an appointment letter the candidates selected are sent for the medical fitness test.

7. Job Offer

The applicants who clear the medical test are given a job offer through a letter of appointment. In this letter, the date of joining, terms and conditions, etc are mentioned.

8. Contract of Employment

When a candidate accepts the job offer it refers to the signing of the contract of employment. While signing the contract of employment the employer and the candidate exchange certain documents.

The common content of the contract is:

  • Job title
  • Duties
  • Responsibilities
  • Pay
  • Allowances

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