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Types of Plans: Single-use plans and Standing plans

Plan means how goals are going to be met. Types of plans include single-use plans and standing plans.

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Single-use Plans

One-time use plans are the single-use plan. These are designed to achieve a particular goal that once achieved will not reoccur in the future. So, the key features of these plans are

  • One time use
  • Meet specific demands.

Standing Plans

These are repeated use plans, they are used for situations that occur repeatedly. They are made once and can be reused. For example, policy, procedure, rule, etc.

Remember Plans should be S.M.A.R.T

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A – Attainable

R- Relevant

T- Timely

Types of Standing plans and Single use plans

1. Objective

It is a long-term plan. Objective means the ends towards which all the activities are directed. This is a single-use plan.

2. Strategy

The plan which answers the following questions is known as strategy:

  • How to achieve objective?
  • How to double our profits?

Strategy is a comprehensive plan to achieve the objective. It talks about adopting a particular way of action. It is a long-term plan and the target of this plan is to be achieved in a year.

3. Policy

The general response of an organization to a particular problem or situation. For example, Fixed Price Shops, No credit sale.

It is a way to handle problems.

4. Procedure

The exact manner in which the activity can be accomplished. It includes:

  • Sequence of steps
  • Chronological order

5. Rules (Do’s or Don’t)

Rules means:

  • Action or non-action
  • Code of conduct
  • They are rigid, and complusive in nature.

6. Programmes

Objective+ Policy+ Procedure +Rules = Programmes (Single-use plans)

For example, for the construction of a shopping mall, we need the following:

  • Detailed statement about a project
  • In programmes minutest details are worked out.

7. Method (Way, it is a standing plan)

The method means a systematic way of doing routine or repetitive jobs. It includes:

  • No doubts in employees minds on how to do any duty?
  • Uniform action for every employee
  • Standardization and simplification
  • Guide for employees

8. Budget

It is a single-use plan. It is related to financial matters. For example, “expected result expressed in the numerical form”.

With the budget, we can take care of deviation. What was planned, and how much is spent?

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