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Staffing and its importance

What is staffing? – Importance of Staffing

The success of any organization does not depend upon the physical or financial resources but depends upon the utilization of these resources by human resources. So, hard-working efficient people are the most important asset of an organization. The key to success in any organization is the right person at the right job position. The staffing function is concerned with bringing the right and efficient people into the organization. In this post, you will learn What is staffing? – Importance of Staffing.

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Meaning of Staffing

After planning and organizing, the next function of the manager is to perform the staffing function. Staffing involves, “finding the right person for the right job having the right qualification, doing the right job at the right time“. Staffing can also be referred to as filling and keeping filled posts with people.

Need/Benefits/Advantages/Importance of Staffing

The purpose of staffing is to find the right people for the right job. If the staffing function is performed properly, then it ensures the following benefits to the organization:

1. Filling the roles by obtaining competent personal or suitable human resource

A staffing function is needed to fill the job position. There will be no use of job positions unless and until these are occupied by employees and it is through staffing function only that employees are appointed to fill the vacant job.

2. Placing right person at the right job

Staffing ensures higher performance by placing the right person on the right job by proper recruitment and selection.

3. Growth of enterprise

By appointing efficient staff, staffing ensures continuous survival and growth of the enterprise. As the organization grows with the efforts of its employees only.

4. Optimum utilisation of human resources

Through manpower planning and job analysis, we can find out the number of employees and type of employees required in the organization.

5. Helps in competing

Two organizations can easily acquire the same type of physical and financial resources but what helps an organization to win over the other is the efficient staff.

6. Imroves job satisfaction and morale of emplyees

The staffing function does not end only with the appointment of employees. It includes training, promotion, compensation, etc.

7. Key to effectiveness of other functions

No other function of the management can be carried out without an efficient staffing function because all the functions are performed by human beings.

Staffing as a part of Human resource management

Human resource management includes many specialized activities and duties which the human resource personnel must perform. These duties are:

  1. Recruitment, i.e., search for the qualified people.
  2. Analysing jobs, collecting information about jobs to prepare job descriptions.
  3. Developing compensation and incentive plans.
  4. Training and development of the employees for effcient performance and career growth.
  5. Maintaining labour relations and union management relations.
  6. Handling grievances and complaints.
  7. Providing for social security and welfare of the employees.
  8. Defending the compani in law suits and avoiding legal complications.

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