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Energy- Issues, Challenges and solution

What are some energy problems?

Energy is a crucial part of economic infrastructure. There are several challenges when it comes to energy: it is mostly insufficient in the rural sector, not only due to affordability but also due to several other reasons that we will learn about. Let’s learn them.

Problems related to the energy sector

Insufficiency of electricity generation

India’s installed capacity to generate electricity is not sufficient to feed an annual economic growth of 7-8%. To meet the growing electricity demand. India’s commercial energy supply needs to grow at above 7%. At present, India can add only 20000 MW a year. Even the installed capacity is not used because plants are not run properly.

The poor performance of state electricity boards

All state electricity boards at present are running into huge losses because of the theft of electricity and the supply of electricity at concessional rates to farmers.

Lack of Investment

The government has invited foreign investors for the generation and distribution of electricity because our country is not able to generate sufficient investment.

Public Unrest

There is general public unrest due to high power tariffs and prolonged power cuts in different parts of the country.

Shortage of raw materials

Thermal power plants in India are facing a shortage of raw materials and coal supplies because of the lack of investment.

Measures to solve the energy crisis

Increase in plant load factor

It is important to improve Plant Load Factor, because it will help in improving the production capacity of the thermal power station that can be fully utilized and their operational efficiency can be increased.

Increase in supply of electricity

Better Research and development efforts, technological innovations, and the use of renewable energy sources can result in an additional supply of electricity for the country.

Check on Transmission and Distribution losses

Transmission and distribution losses are some of the major factors of the power crisis in the country. There should be a proper account for electricity transmission and distribution. So, the availability of electricity increases.

Increase in investment

There should be an increase in investment in the power sector. Investments are encouraged by the private sector and foreign investors. These investments will also lead to greater innovation in new and cleaner technologies.

Exploration of renewable sources

In the country, there is a huge potential for renewable sources of energy. For example, solar energy, wind energy usage needs to be increased.

Improve the performance of state electricity boards

The major cause of the power crisis and inefficiency in the public sector is the shortage of financial capital. For example, additional public investment is the key to improve the performance of state electricity boards.

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