Posted by Anjali Kaur on Jun 29, 2020

What do we mean by the process of rural development?

The most common issue that every country faces is the process of rural development. A topic that every person should know. Let’s understand its meaning and the issues related to its development.

Meaning of rural development

Rural development covers agricultural development as well as all those aspects which improve the living conditions of people in rural areas. Rural development is a comprehensive process that targets betterment in all aspects of rural areas. thus developing agriculture implies the improvement of rural areas.

What are the challenges that arise in rural development?

The challenges that arise in rural development are:

  1. Development of human resources through literacy, education, and skill development.
  2. Productive resources to be provided for each locality.
  3. Development of infrastructures like electricity, irrigation, credit, marketing, transport facilities including construction of village roads, and feeder roads to nearby highways, to improve rural and urban area connectivity.
  4. Special measures for alleviation of poverty to be applied for the improvement in the living conditions of the weaker section.

All these issues needs investment and time.

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