Posted by Anjali Kaur on Jun 10, 2020

What is Opportunity Cost?

Heard a common saying; ‘opportunity never knocks twice. So, let’s understand the meaning of opportunity cost, to make wiser decisions.

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When we say, the opportunity it stands for a ‘chance’, and when we say cost it implies ‘expense’. So, it is the cost of the next or the second-best alternative that is forgone. For example; a person got three job offers;

  • T.C.S is offering a salary package of Rs 10,00,000
  • H.C.L is offering a salary package of Rs 9,50,000
  • Infosys is offering a salary package of Rs 9,00,000
    • So, if a person chooses a T.C.S job offer then the second-best salary package that a person is giving up is of H.C.L. Here, H.C.L is the opportunity cost of choosing T.C.S job offer.

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Test Yourself

Alan had three job offers from two I.T. companies. One of the company named; Reliance is offering a salary package of Rs 14,00,000 and the other company named; Amazon is offering a salary package of Rs 18,00,000. If Alan at present is getting a salary package of Rs 20,00,000. So, what will be his opportunity cost?

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Solution Credit: Amandeep Kaur from Humanities (Shishu Niketan Public School, Mohali)
Solution Credit: Vibha from Commerce (Shishu Niketan Public School, Mohali)

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