Posted by Anjali Kaur on Jun 19, 2020

How Is Education Considered To Be An Important Input For The Development Of A Nation?

Remember the famous saying “Education is the only treasure that cannot be stolen from us”. This is true – if you are an educated person, then you can manage and survive. Without education, its only luck (or your inheritance) that can make you survive this competitive world. Let’s find out how education can help in the development of a nation.


Education is an important requirement for the development of a nation because:

  • Education develops the higher-earning capacity of people. Looking at the current situation of Covid-19 when people are getting terminated, educated ones are finding online jobs.
  • Education changes the social perspective of an individual. Educated person respects the social norms and they are the ones who respect the public property.
  • Education enables one to make better choices in life. Educated people are those who think about future spending by saving in the present.
  • An educated person is the one who accepts changes taking place in their surroundings better than the uneducated ones. Looking at the current example of Covid-19 when people are not supposed to roam around on the roads without purpose, the uneducated ones do not understand the intricacies of the situation and are breaking the rules.
  • An educated person is also innovative. They are the ones who will always find a better way to perform any work.
  • The educated population is able to contribute better to the nation’s GDP. By creating job opportunities.

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